Tuesday, January 10, 2012
 For the first time, bloggers from the south got to meet and talk about fashion & passion
The Blogger's Soiree SOUL hosted did not only expand the blogging scene in Davao, but it also gave each and everyone of us the opportunity to inspire and be inspired

7 hours went by unnoticed,
and this is how we spent it in heels.
read on...

Placecards and invites Mimi (a.k.a. The Filipina Martha Stewart) made for all the bloggers.

Goodie Bag full of freebies!

Chocolatier, where we had our 'intimate' talk.

Farrah, the best blog directory & assistant one could ever have! 

While waiting for Kyrie, the bloggers and I exchanged smiles and pouts w/the camera.

Mia & Steph

FOOD! lol

Frenemies turned couple. lol 

From Chocolatier to SOUL's store.

We can never live without SLRs.

The Styling challenge for the bloggers began and their peg? TWR. haha

Mia's fitting room looking like it was attacked by a flock sheep.

Aidx feeling the moment :))

With Janica, my reader who won a ticket to the Fashion show. 

The SOUL team.

Still not used to taking photos with my readers. haha!

Shievar: my bold & fierce reader!

So these are their versions of TWR :)

Steph and Kyrie: winners of the styling challenge!

HAHAHA. Oh Aidx.

Pat & Aidx

Surprised with how many people went to the store and witnessed the challenge!

Group photo of us and half of the readers who dropped by.
Too bad some left early and dint get the chance to join this photo.

For those who didn't read the captions, let me put it simple how this day was spent :)

1. Started the day in Chocolatier with the SOUL team and  the 7 bloggers we invited
 GailKweshieSteph, WilsonMiaKyrie & Pat

x Introduced ourselves
x Shared experiences about fashion
x ate our heart's out to all the caloric food Mimi ordered

2. Headed to SOUL for the Styling Challenge where the bloggers were grouped by pair and asked to style their partner interpreting TWR's style and their own's. (50-50) 

3. Had 45 mins to spare so I took advantage and greeted my readers who stopped by the store. 
Took photos with them and chatted a bit about anything  under the sun.

4.  45 mins after, we asked the bloggers to present and explain their outfits. Among the 3, the pair of Steph & Kyrie got my, Mimi's, Farrah's & Aidx's attention the most. GCs were given to them and of course to the other 2. Nobody left empty-handed. :)

5. It was 5:30 by then and we had 30 mins before the Abreeza Fashion Show. So, we spent it greeting the readers who came in late and of course, we posed, smiled & pouted infront of the camera!
Some had papers with them and asked for my signature. I was in awe! I told them Im no artista to give autographs! HAHA
But instead, I wrote them notes inspiring them to dream hard and follow what their hearts' desire.

6. Fashion show started but my camera was batt empty so Aidx and I shared his'. He took photos of models strutting themselves in the catwalk while I took the detail shots of their outfits.
Will grab his photos real soon! 

Whew! This has got to be the longest post I ever did! haha 
To everyone who came, thank you!
 The Bloggers' Soiree was more than what we expected. 
It was a success, and we have you all to thank to! :)

PS: This is the first of many more to come! 



  1. this looks like so much fun!!! and the fooood... delicious!!! ^^ i wish we would have blogging events in austria too! :)

  2. WOW. What an AMAZING day. I've not yet been to any blogging events. but i do hope 2012 is the year

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  4. looks like you girls had so much fun! the store interiors and display is amazing :D

    toni perfumed red shoes

  5. OMG! my own candid picture. hahaha! :) had a great time! hope it will happen again! :)

  6. So awesome
    Thanks for sharing the pictures
    Looks like you had lots of fun

  7. adorable blog post sweetie!!so in love with the shoes!!many kisses from,


    :P Hurricane Mia came to Davao! :P

  9. may fashion bloggers pala ang davao? hehehe! nice! =)