Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wearing SOUL
Photos by Rap Meting

2012 welcomed me with a great news from a friend--my feature for M Magazine Jan. 2012 issue is out!
I couldn't be more stoked and thrilled about this cause I've been waiting for so long for it come out and now it finally has! :)

This outfit was one of the looks posted in the pages of M.
I wanted to do The Dream Cheyser look again so I wore the black maxi dress from SOUL and accessorized just how I did before.

Hope you like it! :)

But before I go...
To my Davaoeno readers, I will be going to Ateneo de Davao tomorrow, first wash day for 2012, activity period (3:40-4:30) to spot and take photos of  stylish students just like what i did in this post.  It'll be really great if you go to school wearing yourself, and maybe sporting a little indie/gypsy vibe to your outfit! hihi :D

Happy 2012 guys!