Saturday, January 14, 2012
Growing up in Davao and North Cotabato, I was exposed to these accessories. I've always found it beautiful but I never really took the time to know the story behind it.  
Now my obsession for it comes back again. I remember buying a lot 2 summers ago. But as the girl who was always careless and clumsy, I lost all except one which I still have now. 
So during the break, I searched for these and done a bit of a research by interviewing the girl who sells these. Nothing really deep about our convo but I just found out that these were made by the Indigenous People (known as the Tboli's) who are residing in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. They sell it to a supplier and the supplier then sells it to the store where I bought these from. 

Their creations are beautiful and I thought it damn needs more recognition! Just try to imagine how long it must have taken them just to make one? So, I figured why not help them earn (even if its indirect) through selling these to you all? I actually planned on buying it directly from them so I could sell it to you guys for a lower price, but going to the mountains would take me a long time--8 hrs back and forth from my city to be exact plus 1-2 hrs for the climb!
  But maybe someday I can arrange something. (Too much plans! haha)

If you want to buy some, see this post! :)



  1. that is a very good idea.. :) you can really help them, been to lake sebu and was lucky to have these... good job in promoting filipino made accessories! -it's more fun in the philippines! hehe

    1. I have been there once and indeed it was nice! Lucky you for buying these a long time ago :) you should keep it! :) thank you so much for reading this post!

  2. That is a great cause Cheyz, You definitely have my support on that :)


  3. I'll be your number one supporter for that cause :)

    good luck!

  4. Oh! If you've the links up and running, will try to help you out! ;)

  5. This is really nice Cheyser. A fashion for a cause. Best wishes on your plans! :)