Sunday, January 15, 2012

After hearing the positive feedbacks in my 'Native Dreams'  post, I am beyond convinced of pursuing my initial plan about selling these accessories. Everything (measurements, product names & prices) are in this post! :)

If you have a question, pls leave a comment here or simply tweet me and I will get back on you.
NOTE: This is just for buyers in the Philippines, but I am fixing something out
about shipping internationally! :)

 The wristies are UNISEX :) 
Shipping fee shall be shouldered by the buyer. Price ranges from 80-100 php.
For those who want to order, pls leave a comment following this format:
a. Name
b. Orders (Product name & Quantity)
c. Mobile Number 
d. Message

 Heres an example: 
a. Name: Cheyser Pedregosa
b. Orders:
a - 2 pcs
f - 3 pcs
2b - 1 pc
3a - 2 pcs
c. Mobile #: 0917-8888-888
d. Message: Hey TWR! Do you have a green&yellow colored 'thin wristies'? 
I'd like to buy one!

Please this is for sure buyers only. If you havent made up you mind yet, don't leave a comment :(

Happy shopping! 
And thank you for supporting my cause :) 
Just in case you dont know what this is for, you can read the post here.

If you want other colors for the wristies & earries, just include it in the comment Message and I'll try to look & buy it when I get back to the Province. Or if you want, I can just look something nice for you! I can be your personal "accessories" shopper. Lol Thats if you trust my taste! :)

If you don't have an idea how to wear these, click this to see how I wore it :)
Thank you guys!



  1. Hi Cheyser!:)

    a. AVA TE
    b. Orders- bracelets ( A, F, C) Necklace- 3A
    c. Mobile Number 09175723712

    Thanks, cheys!

    1. Thank you so much Ava! :) Orders noted! Will text you :)

  2. a. Laura Turner
    b. Order - thick native wristies E & thin native wristies A
    c. 07850466063

    Many thanks. Laura

    1. Hello dear! Are you from the Phils? I only ship to buyers from the Phils, inless youre willing to pay the shipping fee :)

  3. a. Name: Pam
    b. Orders (Product name & Quantity):
    2A - 1
    3A - 1
    3B - 1

    c. Mobile Number: 09274363350

    1. Got it Pam! :) Thank you will text you now :)

  4. Payment options and how much is the shipping fee? :)

    1. Hello! Payment can be sent through bank or gcash. arey ou from the Phils? :) shpping fee is only 80-100 php

  5. a. Sonya Sison
    b. Orders- Bracelets E and F
    c. Mobile Number 09175768115

    You don't do meet ups? Because I don't know how to pay thru bank or gcash O_O

    1. Only around High Street or Serendra :) Will text you!

  6. a. Maikkie See
    b. Orders - Bracelets a - 1,b - 1,c - 2,d - 1,e - 1,f - 1
    earrings - 2a and 2b - 1 of each
    necklace - 3b - 1
    c. Mobile number: 09225299065

  7. a. Maikkie See
    b. Orders - Bracelets a - 1,b - 1,c - 2,d - 1,e - 1,f - 1
    earrings - 2a and 2b - 1 of each
    necklace - 3b - 1
    c. Mobile number: 09225299065

  8. hey :) i hope i can still order :)
    a. Alphae Marfa
    b. Orders: bracelets ABCDEF - 1pc each; 3a and 3b - 1pc each
    c. 0922 760 4176
    d. im into cultural stuffy, can you look some more bracelets for me? yung mga native ones :) more like turquoise-ish yung colors? thanks so much

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  10. Hi, i'm from the UK and really like the look of these bracelets, how much would shipping be?
    Thank you :)

  11. Hi

    A. Aitch Rebullido
    B. 1pc abcdef

  12. Hello, available pa po ba yan hanggang ngayon? Thankyou po.