Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bracelets | Watch | Rings | Necklaces | Scarf : Parfois (ON SALE!)
Shorts: SOUL
Bag w/foxtail : Parfois
Top: Romwe
Photos by Rap Meting

One advantage of shopping in January is that all stores release their new collection and at the same time dispose their old stocks through a year-end sale. Would you believe that the most of the accessories I am using in this post are 30-50 slash the original price?! Yes. If youre patient enough to rummage through the pile of sale items in Parfois, then I'm sure you'd find these treasures shining and waiting for you to pick them out! :)

My favorites are the rings which were for 200-300+ and the stone necklace similar to what I often see on gypsy blogs! Thank goodness they had it! I've never been in a shop that sold this kind of necklace. 
The bag is similar to the one I used in this post only that this came with a foxtail! Cute eh? :)

I am crazy about anything orange and this outfit sure proves it! But instead of loyally sticking to it, I wore it w/different colors like the old rose colored top, pink accessories, red platforms & multi-colored printed scarf.
It you're hesitant about doing a monochromatic look, DON'T BE. As long as you mix the right tones/shades/tints with the perfect accessories, you sure are in good hands! :)

Hope you like it!


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  1. I love those rings, so beautiful :) x

    1. Theyre pretty right? Not to mention theyre on sale! :)

  2. love the colors and the tones :) xx

  3. I love the pink ring!And great combo of colours!;)

  4. Love all the accessories Cheyz! I feel bad that I missed to drop by, are they still on sale?


  5. You always have the best accessories!
    I love all your posts so much. You have the best style. :)
    Love the color theme you stuck with. The light orange and sheer pink go together beautifully.


  6. I love it! I was in Parfois the other day and as usual spent more as planned! Love their bags and accessories:) Fab as usual,Cheyz!

    Momma Y