Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Denim Polo: Levi's
Dress & Bag: From a trip in Bangkok
Necklace: Accessorize
Boots: Janilyn
Ring: Love Diva

Fortunate enough to be one of the 4 style correspondents of MEGA Style Ph who got to meet and interview some of the Top 20 Stylish People of the Phils! :D
Wish I could go more into details but soon I will. Dont worry!
Anyway, this is what I wore. Too casual, eh? haha I felt like wearing my style today and so I did!
Like it?



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 My bag

 Feet sticking out


(See these photos on my JUX photo blog)
Plane rides can get pretty boring especially when you're travelling alone.
Last night's trip sadly was the most excruciating. I was sad (din't want to leave), flight was delayed, it was late yet I couldn't sleep, iPod was batt empty, girls beside me were loud and the person infront of me were inconsiderate enough to stretch her chair like there was nobody at the back.  

I wanted to keep myself occupied so I held my camera and took snapshots of anything I found interesting.
Which is your favorite? :)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

I dont know if you have already noticed, but I seldom wear pants. Well its not because I don't feel fashionable in it, it's just that I couldn't seem to find the right cut that complements my unproportioned body--normal waist, noticeably huge muffin top/lovehandles, small hips and slightly big inner thighs.
The jeans I find in most retail shops were either too tight in the waist (made my muffin top seem more obvious) but fitted in the hips or perfect in the waist but lose in the thighs
Do some of you face the same fashion dilemma?

I went to Levi's anticipating I would see the usual cut pants like those I always come face to face with in other stores but I was puzzled when the salesperson measured my body. Soon after, I learned how it was essential for them to do that so they could give their customers the perfect cut of jeans that would suit their body types. 
I happened to be a "Slight Curve" so I picked pants belonging to such category. I was amazed how it suited me well--low waist (it didn't show my muffin top) and fitted yet very comfortable. 
I left with a big shopping bag weighing roughly about 2-3 kgs? You figure how many was inside. haha!
Thanks to the staff of Levi's Greenbelt and to Gen Go for being very accommodating.



Shift Dress: ROMWE
Shoes: Chick Flick
Silver Clutch: SOUL
Bracelet & Belt: SOUL
Necklace: ROMWE
Photos by Haemi and Hannah

Beige, gray and black--can it get any more achromatic than that?
As someone who adores colors, I couldn't take letting a dull outfit pass without adding something to spice it up, and in this ensemble that "something" was a pair of royal blue booties! :)
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Friday, February 24, 2012

(shoes from Le Bunny)

Just my first day in Davao and good things keep on greeting me! One of which is a huge box from Le Bunny with 2 pairs of uber comfy ballet flats inside! :)
I couldn't wait to show it to you guys so despite the lack of preparation, I still posed and have myself photographed. The sunglasses did the trick. It hid the dark circles under my eyes and made me look fresh. haha! 

I love the blue more. You? :)


Thursday, February 23, 2012



 clowns on a day-off


 milk tea

A compilation of the photos I took this month.
(see them HD on my photo blog)

My favorite is the 5th. Which is yours? :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012
 Awkward smile :))


There's not a day that goes by without us (me and Teena) talking bout food.
Yesterday we met up in Shang and had lunch in an Italian resto which we both have not tried yet.
Food was great, servings were big and the prices were so-so. :) 

I ordered chicken burger with veggie chips while Teena got Bratwurst and Frankfurter :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012
This is face minutes after waking up!  
Awkward poses. lol 

Can't seem to get enough of this Ombre addiction! 
My ash-gold dip-dyed hair seemed boring so I thought of experimenting again by unevenly adding red to it. I wanted to make it look spunky so yeah, copper was the perfect color! Still dont have the guts to do violet and blue! 

Anyway,  I shall call it the Phoenix Ombre!
What you think? HAHA :D

Oh, still am not contented with the result. Tonight, I will add golden highlights! hehe
So sorry dear poor dead hair :(


Monday, February 20, 2012

I've never went nuts on an online shop as much as I have on Romwe
Their latest collection centered more on vintage, retro and boho prints which definitely is my type! I was in panic the moment I laid eyes on them. I thought for a while of getting everything and then reality kicked in, thankfully. I was sane enough to control myself. 
It's just crazy how an online shop could tempt and make someone overspend. It's intense. I swear. 

My favorite? The DM's floral boots. I first saw it a year ago on Tumblr and I've been eyeing on it since then. I even remember saving a photo on my ipod for inspirational purposes, sounds professional eh? lol  and when I saw it on Romwe, I was psyched! The only downside was, I had to give up 5 tops for it cause getting all would mean sacrificing my month's worth allowance! haha

Which do you like most? :)