THE 14th

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I look like a zombie! White face, dark eyes.

Chili shrimp pasta

Herbed Chicken

This year, decided to spend Valentine's Day a little different than how people usually do. Instead of celebrating it thru overindulging on things that are luxuriously pampering--lavish dinners and impractical gifts to name a few--Ashlee and I settled on a simple but a bit depressing celebration. Haha!

Following our usual routine, we went to the gym and worked out 'til night time, but it was a special day so we thought eating out would make us feel a little less miserable even if we knew how we have nobody but ourselves.  We spotted this low-key Italian restaurant where the line was not as bad as others. Tried their food and it was wonderfully good! Plus they gave each of us roses, the only flower we received that day. (Tears now run down my cheek. Joke. Lol!) 
We talked about life, food (as usual) and people around us (just like what we always do). Nothing special really, but nonetheless it was a nice dinner :)

Ugh. Honestly, it sucks to be far from home. Specially on the 14th, which not only is heart's day but also my mom's birthday. :(

After dinner I went to Draft and met up with my bestfriend Gimi and Daby. Spent the rest of Valentine's with Davao people and waited til the clock reached 12am. Finally, the 14th ended! haha :D 
(My camera was batt empty so I was not able to take photos)

Anyway, how was your Vday guys?


  1. hey cool I spent my Valentine's day with a friend too! It's more of a day to observe rather than participate anyway <3

  2. love the first few photos!! The food looks amazinggg!

    Hayley xx

  3. Replies
    1. its in glorietta. i forgot the name! :) its infront of kenny