Sunday, February 19, 2012
Guys, meet Shievar. The most memorable student I met that day.
He was fierce. He did not care. Not at all :)

 Patricia Regino

Iya Ruiz

 Aidx Paredes 

 Bai Latip

 Clarice Tiu

Cool for School Part 2
Photos taken January 2012 when I visited Ateneo de Davao University on a wash day--Wednesday.

I observed as many students as I could and noticed how fashion evolved since I left my alma mater a year ago. I was delighted to see girls in tights, beanies, heels, blazers and guys in vintage loafers, denim button-downs, cardigans and boots. I wanted to take photos of everyone but most of them walked real fast, like they were in New York and Tokyo! I was too shy to make them wait since taking photos of one person usually takes 5-10 minutes so I just approached those who weren't in a hurry. Just try to imagine if I asked them to stay put. The line would have been long and no doubt they would have missed their classes! haha 

The changes were noticeable and its happy-making to see students confidently strutting themselves in the hallways, not minding what others might say about what they were wearing--may it be casual or over the top. Good job guys!

To those who agreed to be photographed, thank you!  I plan on doing this type of post  like it was a ritual or something. I shall call it the Cool for School Series haha! Hope to expect more participants the next time I visit! :D

Remember, always wear your style cause you know what they say...
"Every week day is my fashion show, and the school is my runway."
Well in a student's life that is! :)



  1. this makes me miss davao so much. wish it was summer already so i can go home. davaoenos have so much style flavor

    1. Davao really has that spell which makes everyone want to go back! :)

  2. Love Shievar style, like the late MJ. he is fierce.
    I wonder what happen if I went back to my school and see kids in here dress themselves...