UP IN THE SKY... almost!

Monday, February 13, 2012
 Me and Ash in the 4-seater plane

 Haha crazy girls :))
(Ash, Blu & moi)

  Planes parked neatly


 Bad weather. Tsk

The Hangar

Today, we paid a visit to Blu's school and saw planes.
Flying actually was not an option--weather was damn bad--but we were fortunate (for a while only though) to catch a plane scheduled to fly off that exact moment.  I was unprepared (mentally) and scared (more of paranoid) after hearing crash stories Blu shared the night before. But then, I thought this opportunity comes once in a blue moon so I toughened up, forced myself to be ready for the said 1 hour trip and got my ass on that small plane.

Everything was going accordingly: headset plugged, flight plans set out and pilots ready. Then the unfortunate happened. Clouds turned darker than usual, droplets started pouring one by one and a voice coming from the radio prohibited us from taking off. Damnittt! Weather, why do you always have to ruin plans? So with broken hearts and shattered excitement, we went down and took photos instead. haha! But there is--and will always be--a next time. Planning on coming back soon to finish that incomplete trip! Thanks to Blu for taking us there! 

Anyway, back to reality now. I apologize for the lack of posts. I just have to have a break, so I did! :)
How was your weekend guys?


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