Monday, February 20, 2012

I've never went nuts on an online shop as much as I have on Romwe
Their latest collection centered more on vintage, retro and boho prints which definitely is my type! I was in panic the moment I laid eyes on them. I thought for a while of getting everything and then reality kicked in, thankfully. I was sane enough to control myself. 
It's just crazy how an online shop could tempt and make someone overspend. It's intense. I swear. 

My favorite? The DM's floral boots. I first saw it a year ago on Tumblr and I've been eyeing on it since then. I even remember saving a photo on my ipod for inspirational purposes, sounds professional eh? lol  and when I saw it on Romwe, I was psyched! The only downside was, I had to give up 5 tops for it cause getting all would mean sacrificing my month's worth allowance! haha

Which do you like most? :) 


  1. Hi, how do you have the items shipped from Romwe? Do you pick the items up from the post office? I've been looking at their site for quite some time now, but I always change my mind from buying anything since I wanna avoid the hassle of going to the post office. Thanks!

    1. I usually pick up the items from the post. But if I have it sent to my address in Davao, they deliver it at home :)

  2. Oh all of those prints are to die for <3

  3. wow wow woooow, pretty things! want them all :) :)

  4. thanks for sharing this post! Just want to share as well, if you want to do online shopping there's also http://goods2send.com with an ever-growing line of fashion items too.

  5. OMG there are so many nice things at Romwe! I think your wishlist has just become my wishlist also...

    Hayley xx

  6. hi! love your blog :) question, do you get taxed when you pick up your items from the post office? romwe does not use fedex/dhl/ups? i want to order but do not want to pay high customs tax. thanks a lot!