Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here's the skimmer Rob and I designed for Punch Drunk Panda!
The inspiration? You guess. Kidding. It's obvious! 
Actually, I need not say anything. The shoe already speaks for itself, doesn't it? 
Rob really did make magic. He perfectly illustrated what I had in mind!

The skimmers come in 5 designs:
AIRMAIL: Ge Mapa & Selena Salang
DREAMERS: Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa
GOING PLACES : Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico
KICK FLICKS : JP Cuison & Saab Magalona
MANIC MAYAN : Kitakat Pecson & Patricia Prieto

It will all be available on the 31st of March at the  Anteroom Sessions by PDP x Heima
Come to the event! :) see more here
Php 1,295 but less 10% for registered users on Punch Drunk Panda dot com

You can browse the collection here: