Monday, April 30, 2012

Cross Fringe Top & Black Wedges: Wholesale-dress
Navy Blue Blazer: All dolled-up

The weather remained  unpredictable.
A few days ago, the sun was up in the sky gleaming with glow and today it was hidden beneath the gray dense clouds.
Uncertainty not only ran with the climate but it continued with the dilemma most of us face every single day---What to wear?

The very problem why I spend minutes to an hour deciding on a final outfit is the weather. Okay maybe it comes second after fickle-mindedness.  Did you ever have those days when you awoke to a sudden urge to dress like you were in London or Russia perhaps? Well I did. Countless times. But living in such tropical country makes thick suede coats, silk scarves, knee-high boots altogether look ridiculous. Don't you agree?
The closest we could get into dressing like such would only be determined by a divine gift given by the clouds above--the rain. Which also gives us the reason--more of excuse actually--to be in those types of clothes! HA-HA! But today prayers weren't answered. I had no choice but to throw in something I call safe. Safe in a sense that when the sun no longer is shy and decides to show its face, I could quickly be in something that wouldn't make me sweat like a pig. Easy. Outfit minus the suede blazer! Also I wore the wedge anticipating a little bit of side-walk-flood-action. Water and flats, based on experience, don't go well together.

Whew! That was one wordy post. hahaha I hope you are having a great night :)



Necklace made of Mala beads (commonly used for meditation) with Turquoise pendant.

Mala necklaces, with the right beads and Guru Stone, could help one gain inner balance/peace.
It is said to give off some energy which may be helpful for achieving a person's perfect spiritual state.

Today, I received a special gift from Tiny Devotion. A Turquoise Ocean Mala necklace representing communication, healing and balance.
Perfect for getting my creative juices flowing and shooing the negative energy lingering in me.
If you wanna know more about which Mala suits you, go to


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cutout dress: SOUL
Studded heels: Sheinside
Silver cuff: SOUL

Wanted to draw proper attention to the look so I kept it simple--but evidently striking--
 by sporting a black and white cutout dress from Soul and 6-inch killer heels from Sheinside.
Rather than wearing something in between rock and punk to go with the studded pumps (as how I would typically style it),
I detoured and took the classy road--hence the mod 50's inspired black & white body con.
Hope you like it! :)



(you can read this on my photo blog)
I was never a poet, nor did I wish to be one.
 But cold lonely Sundays like this awakens thoughts buried deep in my unconscious.
And what else have I got to express it,
but a photo and a blog where you all could see it.


Deadly heels from sheinside.


Saturday, April 28, 2012
After the successful launch (Sounds big. My apologies. That's the only word I coul think of.) of Stash's 
first collection, I thought it would be practical to start working on the second as soon as I could! 
So I did. Invested weeks worth of time and effort just to get everything done. And with only myself and
 the seamster to rely on, 3 weeks--though lengthy--was what we needed to transform yards of fabric into something Stash-worthy.

So guys *exhales heavily*...above is a sneak peek of the second collection. 
Expect 2 shorts, a skirt and a romper. Will be releasing it soon. :)
What do you think of the prints?:)

Oh btw! It's the last day of the Parisian Challenge. It would mean a lot
if you could vote for me! :)
see here



Friday, April 27, 2012
Dress & Necklace: SOUL
Bag & Boots: Sultang
photos by Ken

The world is a jungle and we are animals built for the kill.


Now who said cameras can't be fashionable?
The Canon team.
Layer. Layer. Layer.
Mockingjay earrings to go with the "Katniss" look.
Snapshots during the Canon Ixus photoshoot. 
Outfit styled by Carlos Conception
Inspiration: Dainty bohemian to go with the pink Ixus
The braids and Mockingjay earrings were very Katniss-esque. Don't you think? :)


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Thursday, April 26, 2012
If you have read the Day 2 post, this is the continuation..

Right after spending hours tanning in the balcony and rummaging through the pile of clothes in my luggage, I was finally ready for the night's festivities! 
From the hotel, we headed to Epic for dinner. Food was great, so were the drinks! lol We then rushed to the Tattoo lounge with tummies yet ready to be filled with drinks and eyes ready to be tantalized with 
 all the beautiful celebrities that will be hosting the launch!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012
[you can check my photo blog here]

Gave the new article layout on JUX a try.  The text column is noticeably thinner, 
thus giving more space for a bigger and better picture.
Perfect for short personal reflection posts or catchy lyrics of your favorite song, eh? 
Oh, btw! How'd you like the one I did above? :)


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(Open to all from March 19 - May 19, 2012)

Levi's "NOW IS OUR TIME" Design-A-Shoe Competition calls out to all artists and aspiring artists to express their creativity in design through customizing original Levi’s® footwear. Contestants get to compete for the top three designs, with the first place winning P20,000 cash + Canon S100 + Levi's apparel gift checks.
You can watch a small video clip here.

Follow Levi's for more updates:
TWITTER: @LevisAccessPH 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Printed Leggings: ROMWE
Pink Button Down: ROMWE
Fringe Bag: Parisian
Leather Jacket: All Dolled Up
Gray Bangle & Gold Necklace: Mauve
Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster (Ken's)
Purple Heels: Boohoo

Attended an intimate event hosted by Globe last night in Marco Polo and this is what I wore--I was in 6-in heels for about 7 hours and my feet unbelievably withstood the pressure!
They launched the Davao sim card--as what I call it--which gives Globe users the privilege to
text other Globe users w/in Davao for free! Yes you got me right. FOR FREE. And that explains why I gave the sim such name! haha
I am unsure when they will release it to the public but as soon as I get the deets, I will get back at you guys! :)

Anyway, I am in the hospital baby-sitting my 4-year old nephew and sadly I have to go.
But I hope you like the look though! Have a great night guys :)
By the way, I joined a contest and I am hoping to have your support and help on this one!
 You can see more about it here. Thank you :)