Sunday, April 8, 2012
(Wearing Levi's)
Photo by Edric Chen

Walking and running barefoot, feeling the rough uneven ground pierce against my sole is something I am accustomed to. I grew up in a slightly different way than how other girls did. Most of my years were spent w/guy cousins wandering around, getting lost in the forest, digging up worms, catching fishes, swimming in cappuccino-colored waters (oh wait i think i told you this before), climbing trees, shooting bee hives, riding carabaos and other things probinsyanos do on a normal day.
Getting sweaty and filthy on a day-to-day basis was nothing near unusual.

This photo Edric took reminded me of my childhood and how much I missed it. It was during those days when being happy was as simple as waking up everyday in your parents' bed, stealing coins from your mom's wallet just to make it to the arcade and playing hide and seek--barefoot under the afternoon sun--with the people you love.
Simple joys. Great memories.

Happy Sunday everyone!



  1. Stunning. x

  2. Without shoes you are beautiful, too.. <3

  3. I used to do what you did when I was a kid, too, Cheyser. I'm also a probinsyana from Mindanao. I'm so glad that you never forget where you came from. :)

  4. oooooooh! i am a probinsyana too at ang masasabi ko: i had the best childhood anyone could ever had!