Sunday, April 22, 2012
A week ago I was sent to Boracay together with other bloggers for the Globe Tattoo ( site launch.
3 days in the Island and each brought a new experience which not only I, but we, will always be grateful for.

As for the first day, it started with lunch at Shangri-la--too bad my flight was at 2pm--followed by an afternoon spa party and cocktails at Epic Bar. Then we headed to Dos Mestizos, a rustic Spanish resto somewhere near Talipapa for dinner and ended the night the Bora way.

It would take more than a blog post to share to you in details everything that happened.
So let us leave the story-telling to the photos and captions and proceed, shall we?

A view of our room.
Raleene & Megann both looking fresh for the night ahead!
With ze girls.
DJ starting the party right with some beats!
Posh Pillows. Colors were very Tattoo. lol
Melai ready for her outfit shot!
Ral looking oh so pretty.
Tweet Tweet Tweet
Spa party.
Sippin' Mojito while  waiting for my strawberry nails.
Strawberry nails in the making.
Name cards on the dining table.
Spanish Dinner.
A brief presentation for
Couples dancing the night away.
(Some photos grabbed from Melai)

Right after dinner, we headed back to Epic and socialized like how normal beings do. Some bloggers went back to the Hotel to swim while Ral, Melai, Megann and I walked the sands of Station 1 and 2 and made the most of our 1st night! Restless teens, that's what we are! lol

And that's for day 1! 2 will be coming next. Happy Sunday everyone!:)
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  1. oh wow, lovely photos. i haven't been to boracay in a very very long time. looks like you had a fantastic time :)

  2. you have nice photos cheyser! :)

  3. wonderful photos! :) looks like a great event cheyser!

  4. you look lovely :)

  5. This post makes me want to go to Bora!!

  6. ah i wish i can go there one day.. :)