Thursday, April 12, 2012
And I'm flying alone again, nothing new. 
Just landed in Cebu and now killing time in a coffee shop, looking for something more interesting than observing random people sip coffee, hot or cold, with whip or without
3 hours before my next flight and it hasn't been 30 mins yet...I'm already getting bored. In fact, very bored, I'm starting to eavesdrop, listening to people's conversations and all. 
The girls fronting me are in their 40, talking bout  kids and how unruly they're becoming.  Mommy issues. 
And on my side is a 30-something foreign lady in big curly hair and 3-inch heels. She's been ranting for roughly 5 mins. about how bad her day is--missed her flight due to some bank-related issue, if I'm not mistaken. I remember hearing her talk to the girl tending the coffee shop a while ago. She went: "My day's really bad, I need a shot of espresso please." Wow woman. that's a lotta caffeine. Day's must be that bad, eh?

Anyway, here I go again talking non-stop, going from one topic to another! I should stop. haha
Above are the photos I took earlier. In a few hours, I will be in Bora but I will try my best to keep you posted! 
Have a great day guys! :)



  1. I love Nick & Norah's infinite playlist :)
    Have fun in Bora :D

  2. Nice photos cheyser! Have a safe flight! xx

  3. I miss travelling, I hope to come to Cebu soon though :)

  4. Love these photos, love travelling.
    This time, you seem to have a really sweet life..

    Fräulein Fatal
    Fräulein Fatal
    Fräulein Fatal

  5. Nice pictures. Have fun in bora! =D

    Hannah L. Magsayo

  6. Have fun in Bora!
    Amazing photos :)

    xx à la mode