Sunday, April 1, 2012
It eventually came to life.
Eatouts with people I love
my most favorite shade (had it done in Butter)
paper swans
coffee w/cousins
parking lot madness with Aidx
Stash's shoot with Aidx

So it has been nearly a month since my last wordy blog post. Life was unexceptionally busy--floor & ceiling plans to finish, exams to pass, series of shoots to conquer, friends to catch up with, clothes to sort and luggages to fill. 
All these demanded time, yet time I had didn't seem enough. Spent days losing my mind, wishing to be in two places at once. Forced to get everything done and I succeeded. Well not really, 2 more plates to finish. But agony's almost over. My summer indeed is coming.

This 2-month break from school and the Metro was nothing expected.  Sadly we do not have summer breaks. The usual 2-semester/yr program that I got used to is nothing compared to the taxing 4-semester/year program my school follows. The original plan was a week vacation in Davao, then head back to Manila to take more classes.  But one random night, days before my flight, I was on the phone with my mom. Usual conversation about academics and life was shared. Nothing extraordinary, until the idea of a getaway crossed my mind. I asked if a time-off from the hectic, manic, crazy, fast-paced life in Manila was possible..she then said it was. 
I was elated. 2-month vacation meant more time to focus on the things I've been wanting to do: opening my clothing line, spending more days with the ones I love and getting back to blogging more reflection posts to name a few.
 I couldn't be happier. I was grateful she understood. 

The normal 20-kg luggage suddenly became too small. Packed months worth of clothing, finished everything needed done and headed to the place where my heart was left...
I'm finally home.


  1. really aim to see you in person heehehe....

  2. you are so lovely and sweet to your readers. Love your photos as always.

    I hope you take time and view my blog too.

    I'm giving away FREE Summer accessories! View my site lovely: http://istyleforever.blogspot.com/2012/04/first-ever-giveaway-take-it-it-is-yours.html Thanks! ♥

  3. that's my dream too! to have my own clothing line :) - Wilson

    1. Hey wilson! why not start now? youre in fashion! itll be easier :D

  4. That's great! :D I love the pictures. :)