Thursday, May 17, 2012
A few weeks ago, I was asked by Globe to be the "Tatt Awards Jock" of Davao.
 In Layman's terms it means correspondent. 
How could I refuse? Of course I accepted and was delighted to be representing my city, once again! 

One of my tasks is to 'report' (sounds formal, eh?) about the happenings in Davao. Perfect cause Globe,
 as is the official social media partner of DFAT, invited me to be a part of the food adventure in Davao! 
Something I love to attend and report about!  Can never say no to food, can't we?

This post is a lengthy one so let me just leave the narration to the photos and captions! :) 
Lachi's from afar. 
Of course, the blogger way. Shoot first, then eat. 
 Lachi's signature dish, unforgettable ribs.
 Pasta topped with chicken mozzarella.
 Crispy Liempo
Laing pasta w/liempo. (MUST TRY!)
 Had a mini twitter contest and this Player Stick was the prize!
 The Davao Sim, I call it!
Only us Davaoenos get the privilege to text to other globe users for FREE w/this sim! 
3 boxes which I will be giving away soon.
Who wants deserts?
 First Macarons I tried in Davao!
 Line of cheesecakes! I almost tripped when I saw this. Of all cakes, cheesecakes are my favorite!
Table hopping and photo taking after eating! Classic.
 Coy, giving a small talk about Tatt Awards 2012
A black and white portrait of me together with Coy and the Davao Bloggers.
And this, my dear readers, is the effect one gets from overeating! Sorry Robx!

Above shows how the night went. You could only imagine how full we were! Food everywhere. 
Left and right.  Front and back!  It seemed like it was never going to end. It was only the first day, imagine the 2nd, 3rd adn 4th! Most bloggers said DFAT really makes you gain a couple of pounds!
One of the highlights of the night was meeting and chatting with some of the Davao Lifestyle Bloggers, which was great
 cause I already have an  idea who to nominate for the TattAwards2012!

Also one of my goals as a Tattoo Jock is to get talented not just Davaoenos but Mindanaoans to be nominated 
and awarded (hopefully) for TattAwards2012! 
So please if you know of somebody worth winning any of the 10 categories below, nominate them!
Winners each get to win 100k! Nomination ends this Sunday May 20, so hurry! 

The One - the awesomest of them all
Stylisimo - chic-est virtual fashion vixen (girls, now's your time)
The Explorer the most pumped-up among travellers
Game Changer - the athlete who always scores
The Visulizer - the raddest amongst all photobloggers
#thought-mover - the #hashtag trendsetter
Video Slinger the god of all Vlogs
Indie Rocker - the know-it-all musician
The Advocate - the do-gooder of our country
Tech Junkie the most up-to-date junkie in the world of games, gadgets etc.

Know more about it on
or you can tweet me (@cheyzmeister) if you have any question regarding the nomination.


  1. Woah, Renz Bulseco was there (Tumblr fan here ^_^) Nice pictures! Kagutom :D