Friday, May 18, 2012

Traffic from my house to the airport was just ridiculous! The usual 15-minute drive turned 60! 
 I thought making it to my 11am flight was impossible but the Man above heard my prayer and let me in. 
Miracles do happen. I can attest to that. 
Anyway, it might already be too late but sending my greetings from the airport to you guys! 
Actually, I'm already in Manila now.haha At home panicking cause in a few minutes, I will be having dinner with Vern and Tracy! :)

x spending the last 5-minute wait photoboothing 
x wearing stash
x surfing the net made possible by my STYLISTA Tattoo Stick
x my current fave boots from Sultang
x showing what the mess inside my aztec bag from F21
x colorful bracelets from Extreme Finds Davao 

May the goodness of the day be with you! Cause it sure wasn't with mine today! :)



  1. Beautiful bag :) and the skirt... love it <33
    fromPoland with love

  2. I like reading your blog ms.cheys!:))

  3. i love all the colors in those photos!! especially the pattern!!
    really really cool!