SHOP STASH 2nd COLL. (Part 2)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Dexie prints up close.

Don't have a photo wearing Dexie but the fit is something similar to this: click here.

 STASH 2nd collection Part 2 

if you haven't seen the previous collection,
you can browse it here.

For those who want to order,  you can either do the ff:
1. Text  0915-757-1977 (might take long to reply)
2. Tweet me @cheyzmeister
3.  or leave a comment (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) following this format:
a. Name
b. Orders (Product name & Quantity)
c. Mobile Number 
d. City
e. Message (if you have questions, or if you need advice etc)

First come first serve basis
First to confirm gets the item.
I will be able to ship the items by the end of this week.

 Heres an example: 
a. Name: Cheyser Pedregosa
b. Orders:
Sandy: 1 pc
Tisha: 1 pc
c. Mobile #: 0917-8888-888
d. Bacolod City
e. Message: Hey cheys, is the Sandy shorts lose?

Current stocks:

small: 5 (2 pcs left)
1 Beatrice Ong
1 Yin Gamalong
1 Jenny

Medium: 3 (SOLD OUT)
1 charmaine panopio
1 chin calixton
1 Wini Chua

Dexie: 5 (2 pcs left)
1 Yin Gamalong
1 Beatrice Ong
1 Kristine Gale

Buyers will shoulder the shipping fee of 90-120 php.
Payments should be sent through BPI or Gcash only.
Please this is for sure buyers only. If you havent made up you mind yet, don't leave a comment.

Happy shopping, lovelies! :)
For those who want to order these in Large sizes, pls. feel free to tweet me or leave a comment!


  1. hello, cheys, the bag is still not available? I've been waiting for it kasi. :)

  2. a. Name: Charmaine Panopio
    b. Orders: Steph MEDIUM
    c. Mobile Number : 09178077338
    d. City: sampaloc, manila

  3. Hi. What's the fabric used for steph? THANKS :)

  4. Hello, I'm from Singapore, can I still order? :)

  5. a. Alphae Marfa
    b. Steph Small
    c. 0922 760 4176
    d. QC

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  7. a. Name: Sarah Rigodon
    b. Orders (Product name & Quantity): Steph small
    c. Mobile Number: 09064500645
    d. City: Malabon

  8. a. Meajh Jimenez b. Steph Small c. 09162955449 d.Antipolo City

  9. How much would shipping be to Florida?

  10. a. Name: HanSeul Kim
    b. Orders (Product name & Quantity): Steph small
    c. Mobile Number: 01027482520
    d. City: Sungnam in South korea
    e. Message: give me a message when you read this comments plz
    my twittwe ID : @zmstmfrl

  11. Hi Cheyser! Is the steph still available in medium? :)