Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exhaused, drained, stressed-out. These are just a few adjective to describe what us women, even men, go through once in every while.  
There are various ways on de-stressing and pampering--a drive to the beach, a weekend getaway out of town, a trip to the salon and in my case, a visit to the spa was the most convenient and appealing option  amongst all. 

The stresses of Philippine Fashion Week lead me nowhere but to Ki by Neo Day Spa in Greenhills. 
Had my fair share of tranquility in forms of holistic ambiance, zen interior and 2-hour body treatment. 
Tried out what Ki's famous for,  the Hanakasumi,  a luxurious Japanese massage ritual where cherry blossom powder was scrubbed all over my body for an hour, followed by an even more relaxing body and foot massage.  It was as if I was in pure paradise. Too good to be true, i told myself. 

If you want to try the Hanakasumi, you can call Neo Day spa at these #s:
(02) 8158233, 8156968

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