Sunday, June 24, 2012
As interior design students, we hardly get sleep! :(
Summer break is over so I'm back in beautiful Manila! School's starting tomorrow but before it does,
Ash and I did our normal day routine--we haven't done it for 2 months since she went back to Fiji while I headed to Davao--where we go around High Street, do groceries, cook and eat in the balcony,
all of which we do A LOT before! :) 
So here's a summary of our day:
 x Walking (while goofing around) at High Street
x Spotting fresh shrimps in the supermarket
x Treating ourselves with some Takoyaki 
x Preparing for dinner
x Ash sending you kisses! lol
x Sauteed shrimps with garlic, onion and butter
x Our home-made salad 
x View from the balcony. We're actually eating now. haha

Have a great night ahead guys! :)