Monday, July 9, 2012

Denim Bustier: Romwe
Heels: Cheyser for So! Fab
Watch: XOXO Accessories
Bag: Parisian
Recessionista Finds:
Belt: Thrifted (100php=$2.4) | Maxi: Department Store (350 php=$8.5)

Climate in Manila has been undoubtedly bad! In the morning it shines, in the afternoon it pours. Vice versa sometimes. But most days, rain would just be endlessly showering thus making decent outfit shots (outdoor) seem rather impossible. So please bear with the low-quality indoor shots--which I am fond of the past posts by the way if you have observed--cause I was left with no choice but to resort to it. Sad.

Anyway, this was what I wore to the XOXO Accessories opening in ATC last Friday, same day when my shoes (one I designed for So! Fab) arrived at my doorstep. Excited and very much thrilled, I came up with a look inspired by the "boho-ness" of the heels. But I decided not to go predictably boho so I took some time-off from prints and wore something basic yet still has that I-dont-care vibe.
The denim bustier was perfect, I thought. It already was a statement itself and it needn't be embellished. The beige maxi on the other hand was too plain, I know, but with the silver belt it still seemed striking in a not-so-trying-hard kinda way, ya know? Basically the whole point of the outfit was to be eye-catching but in a not so obvious approach. Am i making any sense? haha 
Sorry to be boggling your minds with these random thoughts. Nonetheless, I hope you like the whole ensemble as much as I do! :)



  1. This outfit really suits your style. Love it! <3


  2. omg this outfit is so to see you dressed up like this
    and i love your shoes...cute

  3. You look beautiful !!! Love your style !!!

  4. Really love these shoes ♥ and lovely bustier, skirt and of course jewelery! you look absolutely perfect!
    kisses :**

  5. love the outfit! its so nice <3

    Hayley xx

  6. i love the outfit so much!

  7. I agree, Boho needs to be breezy looking too. Excited to head for the So Fab shop for your shoes!


  8. aaaah!!! the outfit is so you!! <3 I love it!!

  9. Gorgeous maxi skirt - I love the color!!