Sunday, July 1, 2012
[The GIF version. Does it work?]

What do you usually do when bored in class? Well for us, casual visits to the comfort room, cafeteria and even to the stairs already make a great escape from a 3-hour long lecture. Interior Design subjects can get pretty 'rottening' ya know--excuse my choice of word, rotenning technically isn't part of the dictionary, just mine--in a sense that you sit in class just doing the same things: endless drawing, sketching, listening. Nonetheless, I still think its the best course there is! One of the bests. Fine. hehe

Okay I was deviated again. Back to the topic please. So with the help of a 3-ft wooden plant box (unsure of what they call it) and self-timer, Pam & I were able to photos outside the room. It was so bad and fast, we didn't even have time to move our bodies and change positions! Our faces did catch-up with  the pace though. lol 
Did some reasearch about GIFs (watched this)  and came up with this animated picture!
Pam looks ridiculous while I look like a retard, jerking like I'm having a spasm attack. haha
With those observations above, I think its best naming this photo...dun dun dun dun.......
"The spasmodic mammal & hungry pooch."
Cheyser Pedregosa's first GIF after 84 months. 7 yrs. if you do the math. 
Last was 2005 I think? When all I had was just Adobe Photoshop 7. hehe 


  1. hahahahaa! love it! can you teach me how to do it? :)


    1. here! :)
      I watched that :)

  2. HAHAHA! Funny masyado ang gif! Good job! :)