Friday, August 31, 2012
Greetings from Davao people! I just arrived and now I am with Aidx brainstorming about our "presentation" tomorrow! I dont know if you have read my previous post (see it here) but the reason why I am here for the weekend is actually not for leisure but work! Blogger duties! 

As a Canon IXUS ambassador, I will be doing a workshop about Fashion, Blogging and a bit of Photography tomorrow. It will be in SM Davao Annex and everyone is welcome to watch! :)
I will be hosting a quick twtter giveaway! 
20 of my readers get the front row seats! 
And you all have plus one's so you can bring a friend / sibling / boyfriend etc with you.

There will be a question and answer portion so I suggest you should jot down the things you wanna know and I will try my best to answer all!

I will be meeting you before and after the talk so we can have photos and maybe chat a bit! :)

Hoping to see you all there :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Gave my hard cases a rest and tried this water-resistant Aztec stick-on skin from OhOh!
It's really funky, it seems like my iPhone's just been dressed-up! haha :)
I've had it on for a week already and it hasn't peeled off yet! So far, so good. You should definitely try it! 


Monday, August 27, 2012
Shorts: SOUL
Bracelets: Mauve
iPhone Case: Sabrina 
Recessionista finds:
Top & Shoes: Greenhills. Shoes is for 850! Top was for 150 :D

 Today's no holiday for me. Have tons of things to attend to: plates to finish, quizzes to prepare for and some errands to run. Don't really have time to dress up so I just left the house in shorts, loafers and denim polo! Such a laidback look I have to label it as the ultimate tamad outfit. haha!

Im currently in Starbucks listening to The XX's new album as I do my "blogger" duties. I  wish I could share more about my day but I have to set aside my laptop first and start catching up on some readings. I hope you all are having a great Monday though! Happy National Heroes guys! :)



Sunday, August 26, 2012
Another addition to my collection! :)
1st photo: Mauve
2nd photo: Fruitzy


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shorts: Apartment8
Top: Soul
Bracelet (spikes): Mauve
Bracelet (red): Mia Casa
Oxford Booties: Primadonna
Necklace: Bow Twist

If you remember the other day I posted a peek of this look (here) and said I was gonna blog about it as soon as I get home. That was the plan.. Until I got stuck in traffic and made it home almost midnight already! :'('s what I wore that day. I rarely do print on print (I don't think I can pull it off) so I just paired a white crisp-collared top with the floral shorts then black oxford booties to complete the whole tailored-but-not-so-androgynous look!.
I hope you like it! :)


By the way.. 
Up to 60% plus if your purchases reach more than $70, you can get extra 15% discount!
Just use the code: clearance15%
Aug 24-31


Don't mind my screen protector. I'm changing it soon. lol
Don't you just hate it when your phone dies on you at times when you need them the most? May it be in the middle of a night-out where you lost your friends and don't know where on earth they teleported or even just a usual afternoon where you need to call your parents/siblings/driver to pick you up after shopping like there's no tomorrow. 
I think we all do. 
iPhones are one of the fastest phones to drain (along with galaxy and other touch screens) especially when 3G is turned on. That's why I bring two phones with me. A back-up just in case one dies! 
The reason why I did this post is to  share to you two of my life savers...portable chargers! I know some of you may have already heard about this but it's only now that I really got to appreciate it. I'm always on the go and my battery lasts only half a day with all the tweeting, instagrammin', bloghopping etc. and with these two, I get to extend my phones' battery lives anytime anywhere! 

The first one is my favorite. What I like about it is that it looks like the usual iPhone case (not even that bulky compared to others) but really, it is a backup battery! Just turn the switch on and your phone charges instantly.
The second on the other hand is the typical portable charger which can be used for numerous types of phones! Nokia, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry etc. It's small and cute, you can even mistake it for a mirror! It has more power than the first one which makes it better for those who have more than 1 phone :)

I got these from DigitalismPH
Last time I checked, they still have it! Hope this post helped guys :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012
A peek of today's outfit. 
(Clean and very simple.)



I posted this on Instagram and twitter and asked if you guys want the recipe. Since you all were
enthusiastic about it, i thought hey why not! It's simple even a 5th grader could do it! :)
I am no professional chef nor an experienced cook but I do love cooking and this recipe is just something I came up with! You know, if I weren't an interior design student or a  blogger, I would probably be a chef now! :)

Takes 15 mins to make
Good for 1 person but if you wish to double it or triple, just multiply the quantity!
Use non-stick pan

-3 whole eggs
-3 medium sized shiitake mushrooms (use only the head and not the stem)
If you don't know how to clean it, you can refer to this link.
-1 medium tomato (optional)
Some people don't like tomatoes in their omelettes so if you're one of those, just don't include this.
-1 small onion
-2 cloves of garlic
-parsley (you can use basil or scallions)
-oyster sauce
-olive oil

1. Slice the ingredients whatever cut you prefer. (photo 1)
2. Heat the non-stick pan and put 2 tbsp of olive oil. (You can use any vegetable oil if you dont have olive.) Sautee garlic, onion, tomato til they soften, then add the shiitake. 
Add a dash of salt & pepper then cover it for 5 minutes. After, add a teaspoon of oyster sauce (you can use soy as substitute). You will know when its cooked if the mushrooms become soggy and dark. (photo 2)
3. Lower the heat and add the beaten eggs. Wait for it to cook! Don't flip/turn cause you might ruin the shape! haha (photo 3)
4. When the eggs become firm, get it out of the pan and serve it!
Some prefer their omelette folded in half (i dont lol) so you can do that too :)

That simple!
Let me know when you have tried it :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Neon Skirt: Primadonna
Flats: Vincci
Bracelet: MiaCasa
Necklace: Therapy Bags
Belt: The Prop Shop

The 4-day weekend has sadly come to an end and as much as we want the holidays to last, we have to get back to our daily routines and finish whatever was left on pause before the mini vacation started. 
I had rested quite well during the break and rather than whining about how class /work continues,  I greeted this Wednesday with a positive attitude! Woke up at 6am (this only happens once in a blue moon), did an hour of Pop Pilates, cooked a healthy breakfast and finished dressing up this Living Room plate I've been working on for the past days. Stayed in school the entire day drafting for hours (you have no idea how it made my arms  strain)  and now I am finally reunited with my bed and comforter doing what I have to do.... show you my outfit for the day :)

So guys this is what I wore. Killed two birds with one stone with this skirt! Made an achievement accomplishing two things I never had the guts wearing: 1. Neon 2. Long pencil skirt. I find both too bold for my style and honestly I dont think I have the skill to pull them off! Not the way Camille Co does. That girl  looks so damn good in pencils and neons, don't you agree?! 
Anyway, I hope you like how I wore the skirt! Paired it with a few basics to make it less dressy and also to  make the "neon-ess" of the pink to really stand out :)


I gotta rush to class now but before I do, Im leaving you another "insta-post" showing what I am wearing to school today! :)

Neon Skirt: Primadonna
Flats: Vincci
Bracelet: MiaCasa
Necklace: Therapy Bags


Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Guys, meet Cheyser a.k.a. the IXUS' Ambassador for "Boho Street" :)

Whenever I see myself in various IXUS ads displayed in magazines, newspaper and online sites, I still get that strange feeling of awe and amusement. Up until now I can't believe I was chosen to be one of the ambassadors for a brand I've always believed in. All my cameras have been Canon (ever since before) and to be representing one of their products, IXUS, is more than a blessing to consider! I know I have told you this a thousand times already but here It goes... Wonderful things happen to those who dream and pursue! :)

Above is the mini interview I had with IXUS where I shared some tips/info on how to dress up my way, then bits of information about my life & interests and of course share the reason why I love my pink IXUS 240 HS!
Go read on and enjoy you guys! :)

Here are some posts I did about  IXUS 240 HS. You can check it out to know more about the camera:
-"That one thing I also like doing"
-"Busy Week"
-"Splash of colors"


Monday, August 20, 2012
A girl can never own too much shoes. Never! :)
(Heels from Primadonna)


Sunday, August 19, 2012
Spot my "thinspiration" wall :))
Crochet cardigan: Cotton On
Flats: Vincci
Recessionista finds:
Dress & Belt: Thrifted (in Dvo) for 50-80 each! 

Since today's a Sunday, I had sufficient amount of time to choose my outfit carefully. Finally after a week of panicking every morning just to find something decent to wear! 
I missed my casual boho looks and I thought it would be nice to be in something care-free and comfortable. I plan on doing a little strolling and shopping in Rockwell in a while so being in wedge or heels won't really work. Though for some others, it does! Sad I wasn't blessed with the ability to walk in them for hours. huhu
 Anyway, my yaya's on a day-off post-celebrating her birthday and I am left alone with no one to take my outfit shot.  But thanks to mirrors and Instagram, I was able to take some blog-worthy albeit mediocre outfit shots. Just please don't mind my "work area". It's always messy! hehe
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I hope you're all having a great day! Happy Sunday guys :)