Thursday, August 2, 2012
The cutest IXUS I've ever seen! 
Top: Romwe
Necklace & Bracelets: Mauve
Shoes: CMG

Picture me isolated inside Bread Talk. Sitting alone in the corner with a laptop, 3 Fire Flosses and 2 empty cups of coffee. See the past days were rough. The storm made it hard to be productive. 
1. it tempts you stay snuggled up in bed 2. it slows down the internet 
I'm left with no choice but resort to drowning myself with coffee (which I rarely do) and kill time anywhere where there's internet connection. 

Moving forward... 
Entitled this look "Clown". Why? Check out the harem pants. Prints, color and fit. Very clownesque, don't you agree? Actually that was the very first thing that came to my mind the moment I saw it. Strange. haha
So I wore happy colors such as aquas, yellows and pinks to make the look seem animated. I just went with the energetic flow, with the pants being lively and all that :)
Tip? Aqua's hard to pair but try it with yellow and pink. You can never go wrong!
 How do you find the look?  :)

By the way, don't you just love the camera? It's the cutest amongst all IXUS! Well for me. 
I actually have this "plan" on including various IXUS cameras (will pair it with the colors of my outfit) in my "look posts" to show you how stylish it actually is. I mean there are a wide array of colors to choose from! From pink to green to blue and even matte jet black! Just not your typical point-and-shoot right? Style and substance... indeed.
[ Here's another outfit post i did with a light pink IXUS.. click this ]



  1. cute outfit. love mint color of your top

  2. Love how effortlessly stylish and fun this outfit is! The arm candy is perfectly matched too which gives me a whole new level of respect for your style. :)

  3. amazing look!

  4. amazing outfit, I love everything about it :)<3

  5. your trousers from afar look like theyre made from dolly beads (a UK candy)
    gorgeous as always and i cant wait to see how you work the camera into your posts!

  6. Pants are great - so unique! :)
    Kisses <33

  7. I love the pants! <3

    Shop at its cheapest: xx

  8. This look is really cute! &&& I love the pink IXUS :)

  9. awesome look! :)


  10. OMG! I had to comment on your harem pants! they are absolutely marvelous!!!!


  11. cute outfit!

    Hayley xx