Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Neon Skirt: Primadonna
Flats: Vincci
Bracelet: MiaCasa
Necklace: Therapy Bags
Belt: The Prop Shop

The 4-day weekend has sadly come to an end and as much as we want the holidays to last, we have to get back to our daily routines and finish whatever was left on pause before the mini vacation started. 
I had rested quite well during the break and rather than whining about how class /work continues,  I greeted this Wednesday with a positive attitude! Woke up at 6am (this only happens once in a blue moon), did an hour of Pop Pilates, cooked a healthy breakfast and finished dressing up this Living Room plate I've been working on for the past days. Stayed in school the entire day drafting for hours (you have no idea how it made my arms  strain)  and now I am finally reunited with my bed and comforter doing what I have to do.... show you my outfit for the day :)

So guys this is what I wore. Killed two birds with one stone with this skirt! Made an achievement accomplishing two things I never had the guts wearing: 1. Neon 2. Long pencil skirt. I find both too bold for my style and honestly I dont think I have the skill to pull them off! Not the way Camille Co does. That girl  looks so damn good in pencils and neons, don't you agree?! 
Anyway, I hope you like how I wore the skirt! Paired it with a few basics to make it less dressy and also to  make the "neon-ess" of the pink to really stand out :)


  1. love the outfit. it's so freshing..

  2. Simple but so pretty! :)

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