Monday, August 6, 2012

Even before owning an SLR, I was already fond of taking photos. The very first camera I owned (still have it now) was a blue IXUS 80
 bought 4 years ago when SLR's were too damn pricy for shutterbugs like me to afford. As someone who's always passionate about taking photos, I hardly left the house without it! Brought it everywhere and photographed anything I found...hence the random shots below. 
I browsed old files on Facebook to find these. "That one thing i also like doing"--title of the album where I got most of it from. I still can recall the time I created it. People didn't really know how much I adored photography back then and only a few acknowledged my "mediocre" work. haha! 
Anyway enough about reminiscing! I'm getting pretty emotional already. lol
Below are my favorite shots. I used Macro and Color Accent a lot!


It's been 3-4 years since I took those photos above.  My old IXUS 80 (though still working) has already been replaced by an IXUS 240 HS--that pink camera I'm holding in all IXUS ads. 
Yes I am a die hard Canon user. From Digi Cams to SLR! 
It's just like my old point-and-shoot, only better! Touch screen, Wi-fi ready and it has more effects. Lomo and Fisheye are my current favorites by the way, followed by color accent! 

Below are shots I took during the weekend. I always bring it with me (instead of my EOS 550d) when I'm out with friends. And look at them, you can't even tell it was taken using a point-and-shoot! So for those who own one (maybe even 2 or more), experiment with it! 
Check out the color accent, nice huh? :) 
color accent: pink
color accent: orange
toy / lomo effect

For the sake of killing curiosity, this is how the camera (IXUS 240 HS) looks like :)


  1. The girl on the side taking photo of herself is you! (cuteeee) too late for me to realized that, anyway love the photos :)

  2. that was one lovely camera you got! was it all taken using this cam? it looks like it was made from SLR!