Sunday, September 30, 2012
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Currently lying down on the side of the pool with a pineapple on my left hand and phone on my right. I couldn't wait any longer to share to you how my day's going, so I'm blogging while sunbathing. I swear this Blogger App is getting more and more useful everytime. 
It's my last Saturday in Davao and I'm spending it quite differently than how I normally do in Manila. Woke up early, bonded with my nephews, worked out and now soaking under the sun. It's only 2 pm and I accomplished a lot already! Talk about being productive. 

The bikini is from this rad online shop, Surania, that lets you customize your own swimwear.
From the style, to the fabric and even to the straps of your bandeau! Now tell me how can that not be cool?! You should definitely try it out.

Anyway, the sun's getting too hot. I better dip in the water or else I'll end up looking like a roasted pig. lol
 I hope your Saturday's going well!



Thursday, September 27, 2012
Can't decide which outfit to wear for the F21 Davao Fashion Show later so iI'm running a quick poll!


High-waist Jeggings: SOUL
Shoes: Greenhills 

Wednesday is that time of the week when students in Ateneo de Davao freely (well not as free as UP) express themselves through the clothes they wear. But unlike other unis, they follow a certain dress code--no shorts, skirts, sleeveless, mini dresses, flipflops etc. Even Alumni cannot make it inside unless they, I mean WE, comply.

I wanted to visit my Alma Mater before leaving for Manila and yesterday was the perfect time to!  But I knew everyone would be in civilian so I wore something catchy (without looking too desperate) to stand out! I may be too old to be labeled as a college student but I totally felt like one in this ensemble.  Bubble-gum, salmon and vanilla--nothing more young and fresh than pastel colors! 
Hope you like my "washday" look! :)



Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Just 2 more days til the SM Lanang Premier opening!
IMAX, SMX, Vikings, Dairy Queen, Forever21 and so much more!
Which are you most excited about? :)
Tweet us! @SMLanangPremier @cheyzmeister

Watch the teaser video: 

And here are the 3 lucky readers who will watch the exclusive fashion show tomorrow. Congratulations! :)


Top, bottom & bag from Soul
Frozen yogurt with Farrah
Currently devouring a slice of pizza Con Salsicce in an authentic Italian resto
in Davao as I share to you some photos of today. Only have my phone with me now so I hope these InstaShots are  good enough to give you an idea how my Wednesday's going. Thank God for Blogger iPhone App!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Some of you may already have known about this but I was beyond fascinated after accidentally spotting Instagram on Jux's "add a photo" options. 

See when I post on walkwithcheys, I usually upload the file directly from a computer and never did I 
imagine grabbing from other social media sites was possible! Oh wonders of technology, I must say.

Another discovery is how to upload from Instagram to Jux. I just hashtagged #jux in the caption and it automatically appeared on walkwithcheys. 
Now talk about on-the-go photo blogging!
Call me behind for not knowing this earlier but I think this is YET my favorite feature.

Tried it out and made a slideshow showing my recent "InstaFood" shots and here's how the 
title page (don't know what else to call it) looks like:
You can view the rest of the slides HERE. Tell me what you think after okay! :)

Here are some famous InstaJuxers. Check their blogs and be inspired!
London ...

India ...

New York 




Monday, September 24, 2012
Jacket: Levis
Flats: SM Parisian
Photos by Rap Meting

Sweetheart dresses/tops can sometimes be too sexy for daytime looks so jackets and blazers always come in handy especially at times when you have to go to crowded places like China Town.
Last Thursday was no exception. Went around the city running errands left and right. Good thing I was in something very casual though. Needn't have to worry a thing about walking around and getting stared at for the wrong reasons. 

Unlike other corsets, this 50's-inspired sundress was easy move around in. Not too tight nor too loose. Just the perfect fit!
Do you like it? :)



Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Winners will be chosen by Amber Avenue.
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Sorry for the confusion! 


Natural lens flare. No photoshop! Cool, eh?
Blazer: Amber Avenue
Shorts: Motel Rocks
Top: Romwe
Shoes: So! Fab
Bag: Accessorize
Photos by Rap Meting

Title may seem familiar to some but to those who don't know what it is, Maggie (short for Lady Margaret Boat Club) is the rowing association of Cambridge University, if I'm not mistaken. Why name the look after it? Well the bright red blazer reminds me so much of their uniform! Actually the moment I spotted it on Amber Avenue, I instantly pictured a red-white-blue outfit. Something that's very English. But as much as I want a Cambridge-inspired ensemble, I couldn't come up with one for I left my pants in Manila. Too much fot last-minute packing I must say. Good thing the shorts from Motel Rocks arrived the same day I got to Davao! Tried it on w/the sequined top, and thought it looked pretty rad! So i let go of the whole "English University" fantasy and went with this day-to-night outfit instead.

Anyway,  along with LBD (little black dress), white tank and blue jeans, blazer is one of the things every girl must have in her closet. It is very versatile, you can throw it on over anything! May it be a casual ensemble needed to be dressed up, or a glittered cocktail dress needed to be dressed down. 
It is no doubt a fashion item worth investing in.
But... I know they are quite expensive and some people are not as willing to spend for one, so this news will surely excite you all, no doubt.
Okay, here goes.... (cue music)....
 I am giving away the same item!!
Yes you heard me right. See HERE to join :)

Hope you love the look. Happy Sunday everyone! :)



Friday, September 21, 2012

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(Winners will all be announced sept 22 Via Twitter & Text)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Top: Romwe
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Greenhills (I bought it for only 850!)
Necklace: Fruitzy 
Cardigan: I forgot who gave this. If you know, please email me! 

Before you even start reading this post,  please don't mind my juvenile poses. I just felt very animated today! As seen in the photos. lol

Today was just like any other day. Did the usual things I do when I'm in Davao--run errands, hang with old friends and walk around malls. KILL TIME, that's how I'll put it in simple words. hehe
 It's term break and I'm making the most of the week vacation! So for the next couple of days, expect more casual outfit posts. Having a break from the fancy dresses and paved the way for my old laid-back style. 
I hope you like it though! :)

By the way for my Davao readers, McDonald's and TWR prepared a small meet-and-greet for you guys! The contest will be posted tomorrow and 15 of my readers will join me in a small get together in one of the McDo branches in Davao this Sunday! 
I'll keep you posted :)



Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Tassled Heels: Chicnova
Bag: Accessorize
(Sorry If I've been using this a lot lately. I only bought a few bags w/me in Davao =( )

  Do you have those days when comfortability mattered 10x more than style? I do most of the time, which explains why my fashion preferences lean more on the casual/laid-back side rather than the tailored/structured/well-thought fashion a few girls were blessed to perfectly pull-off. Oh add I-can-walk-in-heels-all-day-all-night to that! Geez, those ladies are gifted!

With only 2 and a half hours of sleep and practically 0 hours of prepare time, this was the ensemble I came up with yesterday. Threw on two of the most comfortable items I found in my luggage--an easy breezy dress and a chunky pair of heels! Plus a boho bag to add color and "bling" (cant believe I just used that word it's so high school) to the whole look.
 Although it appears like it could use more spicing-up, I'm pretty much pleased with the outcome. I really believe that under tight circumstances, our brain works faster and creative juices tend to flow freely. Just like in exams, projects etc. Don't you agree?

Anyway, the dress is one of my "good finds". It and can either be dressed up or dressed down, depends on how you want it, really. Very versatile I sometimes use it as a top! Well what I do to make it look different is untie the ribbon and wear a gold or black chunky necklace over it. Swear people would hardly notice it was the same item! How cool is that?

I have 70 unread emails in my inbox now so I gotta say goodbye, but I do hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! :)



Sunday, September 16, 2012
Tribal corset: Desino Dulce
Skirt: Stylista
Shoes: Comfit 
Denim Jacket: Levi's
Clutch: Accessorize

I am in a coffee shop now cramming like there's no tomorrow, typing 3x faster than a normal person's speed. Well this is due to the fact that my laptop only has 1% battery left (forgot the charger at home how genius of me) and it might shut down in any minute now! So before it does, let me take this chance to apologize ahead of time for the quick outfit post and share to you what I am wearing today! Yes I am in heels. The pumps are the most comfortable pair I ever had! Cause if if werent at all, i wouldnt even consider wearing it on a Sunday out with the family! The item really does live up to the brand. I must say.
Anyway, ill go into details bout the heels in another post but for now, I have to hit PUBLISH before my laptop dies! I hope you all are having a great day though. Seeing my parents in a few. Happy Sunday guys! :) /div>