Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natural lens flare. No photoshop! Cool, eh?
Blazer: Amber Avenue
Shorts: Motel Rocks
Top: Romwe
Shoes: So! Fab
Bag: Accessorize
Photos by Rap Meting

Title may seem familiar to some but to those who don't know what it is, Maggie (short for Lady Margaret Boat Club) is the rowing association of Cambridge University, if I'm not mistaken. Why name the look after it? Well the bright red blazer reminds me so much of their uniform! Actually the moment I spotted it on Amber Avenue, I instantly pictured a red-white-blue outfit. Something that's very English. But as much as I want a Cambridge-inspired ensemble, I couldn't come up with one for I left my pants in Manila. Too much fot last-minute packing I must say. Good thing the shorts from Motel Rocks arrived the same day I got to Davao! Tried it on w/the sequined top, and thought it looked pretty rad! So i let go of the whole "English University" fantasy and went with this day-to-night outfit instead.

Anyway,  along with LBD (little black dress), white tank and blue jeans, blazer is one of the things every girl must have in her closet. It is very versatile, you can throw it on over anything! May it be a casual ensemble needed to be dressed up, or a glittered cocktail dress needed to be dressed down. 
It is no doubt a fashion item worth investing in.
But... I know they are quite expensive and some people are not as willing to spend for one, so this news will surely excite you all, no doubt.
Okay, here goes.... (cue music)....
 I am giving away the same item!!
Yes you heard me right. See HERE to join :)

Hope you love the look. Happy Sunday everyone! :)



  1. I love your photos and the colors of your outfit. <3

  2. Amei!!!

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Do you edit them or is it a setting on your camera? :)

  4. Love your shoes and your blazer! They're so pretty!


  5. i love this look from you!

  6. Beautiful, Cheyser. The first photo is definitely amazing :) I love catching lens flare sometimes. Makes the photo come alive/look magical. I want your shoes, btw. Haha!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  7. Super sexy Cheyz! :)

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  8. Looking beautiful as ever!

  9. very beautiful!!!

  10. I absolutely love the mix of sequins and your two tone heels!


  11. I'm obsessed with this photography (amazing lighting) and this outfit! You look absolutely stunning and the styling is fantastic.


  12. I like your watch<3
    Where did u got it Ms. Cheys?