Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Who do I want to be?"
 It is THE mind-boggling question that we have asked ourselves in one point (or even more) of our lives. 
It seemed simple as knowing our favorite color, but if you ponder on it then you'll come to realize that there is more 
to the question that how it actually appears.

I have questioned myself countless times on how I would leave a mark in this world. It took me a while to arrive with one mainly because I aspire on becoming a lot of things (stylist, cook, photographer, interior designer etc) but after reflecting for days, I came to a realizion that it is through Interior Design that I want to be remembered. 
And of course, there ain't no other person that I look up to than Abigail Ahern. 
A very influential British Interior Designer who to me is nothing but pure inspiration. Never have I related to any I.Dr. more than her. 
Her taste in colors and furnitures is eclectic--a mixture urban, scandinavian, and of course Bohemian
She is a living legend! Somebody who in years' time I will too become.

And here is the Interior Design student, Cheyser, 
which most of you have not seen yet...

(Wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Rare Print)

Being a legend is everybody's dream, or at least most people.
We all want to make an impact, no doubt about that.  But to leave an impression which will make us be admired and remembered sure isn't a piece of cake. There's no short-cut. We cannot just hop on a racing car,  hit the nitro button and reach the finish line a little quicker than normal. is a long tedious process that starts from within. A deep desire which blossoms and slowly turns into reality with the help of inspiration and hard-work.

So let me be the one to inspire you to open your minds and let the things you aspire push you to become somebody.
Stand up. Work hard. Be infuential. Never hide.
And who knows you might just be legendary just like Ray-Ban who's been influencing people for 75 years already.

Make a mark, that's what becoming a legend is all about! 
I'm too inspired I cannot contain myself! :D



  1. I got my "who I want to be" too!
    Check my blog!

  2. Cool cool cool! I am a frustrated artist so I am amazed by the many areas you excel in. :)

    1. I too am a frustrated artist! If only we could be a master of all things! :)

    2. What? You're not yet a master of all things? You're close I think. :D You also write well eh!

  3. Cheyser, you might not know this but you ARE making a mark already! I do look up to you especially in fashion :D & I know that soon enough, you would be a really great interior designer!! God bless always and keep pushing harder towards your goal. <3

    1. This is the sweetest comment I received today! Thank you so much and may God Bless you too :)

  4. This post made me smile. :) It's a side of you I haven't seen yet anddd you got to write a long inspiring post! Happy for you! At least you are sure of what you want :)

    1. Haha! Thanks Far! :D I was very inspired, that's why! :)

  5. im sure you are definitely will be a great and famous interior designe ka cheyser. keep it up what you think it's right :))

  6. this is a very nice post Cheyser.. and you're so pretty with your hair up.(for a change).:)

    keep inspiring people coz you already are. God bless!

    1. I was a bit hesitant bout tying my hair! But I am happy you guys like it! Thank you so much for reading this post. It means a lot :) God bless you too dear!

  7. Very inspiring Cheys. Goodluck on your career! :)

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  8. This is pure heart. Thanks for reminding us again for aiming to be a legend in our own path.

    Same as you, I wanna take on several roads and I have yet discovered which of them that I'd like to release my pure awesomeness. Hope realization visit me pretty soon. amazing post, Chey.

  9. This post is soo inspiring Ms. Cheyser! Just like you I'm an interior design student and I do feel the same about creating something that people would really remember and a design that would speak for me! Good luck Ms. Cheyser on your ID career! ;)