Friday, November 9, 2012
It's 46 minutes pass midnight and I am in Starbucks munching on my 2nd slice of toffee cake while seated comfortably in the same
 leather couch for hours already. I couldn't sleep yet so I decided to walk around the neighborhood with the motive of getting some fresh air and perhaps find inspiration from the surroundings, but then my lazy self dragged me here! As usual, I gave in to my impulses and now am glued to my laptop like as if it has some magnetic force that makes it hard to detach myself from it. What can I say? The internet is indeed addicting.

Speaking of addiction, I have been obsessing over online poker. In fact I am playing now--about to go all-in actually--as I try to share to you what I am up to at the moment. Cards are pretty strong--straight flush to be exact. I just hope I make the right decision. Oh well we'll find out in a minute! I used to play this a lot way back in college but just forgot about it when I started blogging.  And after landing to the site pokerlistings.com last week, I am getting hooked to it again! haha

Besides the online poker mania, I too have a couple of things I am currently obsessing over that I have to share to you. 

What's on my list?

Ralph Lauren's #3 perfume from their Big Pony Collection. 
You know, it is actually named Free-spirited? Suits my personality, coincidentally! 
Anyway they will hold a photo contest on facebook tomorrow so I'll share to you the deets by then! 

Boots, boots, boots! 
By far the best ones I found (considering price & comfortability) are from Charles & Keith!
 I got 3 pairs in a matter of 1 month and elow is my favorite! How'd you find it?

I have been doing a lot of photo-surfing in JUX and below are the ones which I liked the most. 
Try browsing the gallery yourselves. Trust me, you'll be amazed by how much inspiration you could get just from gazing at the pictures.

Camdem Chrono Watch fron Nixon's Fall Winter Collection. 
It's very much dissimilar to the typical Nixon rubber/sporty watches. I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on it.

Victorian/Baroque-printed dresses. (Zara has the best. But it's too pricey! I'll just wait for Christmas to come and hope for someone to surprise me with a bag full of these items! lol)
And there you go! My 'obsession list' :)
Which do you like the most?

By the way, the straight flush added more $$$ to my pot! Made the right choice, apparently. haha






  2. I miss poker than anything right now. Might try to play it again. :)

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  3. Will check out Charles and Keith boots. I adore their shoes too! i think i have 10 pairs from charles and keith. Anyways, can you suggest where we could find other (affordable) baroque printed dresses aside from Zara? i agree, the ones they have are super pricey. id rather spend for the shoes there instead of the dresses. Btw, you're my favorite fashion blogger ;) super idol! you're so young yet very talented. keep it up dear!


  4. The DRESS! It looks so comfortable and warm. I have been waiting for a good watch and I think YOU might have found it! I love following along your blog and seeing what different outfits you have put together!