Sunday, December 30, 2012
Below are snapshots of random things I spotted around. Enjoy! :)

Currently away from the city now to spend new year in a place where living meant going retro and back to basics.
Finally the break that I have been yearning for is here. To read books, cook filipino dishes, thrift shop, watch old flicks, wake up to home-cooked breakfast, see carabaos, ride horses and go fishing are just some of the things I plan on accomplishing. But sadly I've only got 3 days left til we head back to Davao, so I have yet to figure a way to complete the list.

Today's a Sunday and after so long, I finally can call it 'Family day'.
It's such a wonderful feeling to be reunited w/my loved ones and there's no better place to spend the holidays w/them than in the province.

It is through simple times like this that I truly appreciate the beauty of life.

Happy Sunday guys! :)


  1. Lovely photos, Cheyz! They had me reminiscing my childhood days in the province. I miss Davao! -_-
    Anyway, enjoy your time there. Have fun and happy new year to you and your family :)

  2. Great photos! Tiga-Davao diay ka? Tiga-Gensan man ko.
    Btw, you look gorgeous as always dear. New follower here. Hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.


  3. love the atmosphere

  4. love the atmosphere