Friday, March 22, 2013

Summer has got to be my most favorite season of the year. Different splashes of colors (from soft tones of pastel & neutral to luminous hues of neons) and bursts of prints (from tropic to moroccan) are easily spotted everywhere! Never has it been boring to dress up at this time all because excuses to be too bright or heavily printed is openly accepted, well to most cases. haha

Paid a visit to Call It Spring Greenbelt yesterday and fell in love with the soft and bright hues that enlivened the shop. They just released their summer 2013 set and unlike other shoe stores who concentrate on a certain 'trend', Call It Spring does the opposite. With 3 different collections to choose from, one need not worry about spotting the perfect 'summer pair'. 
Call It Spring truly brings us shoes for all season!

The current collection consists of these:
 Virtual Dream - Pastels, dreamy and feminine tones that's nothing but pretty.
Culture Clash - Globetrotting prints from different cultures in the world--to Moroccan to Egyptian to Indonesian.
Plastic Fantastic - Urban sleek set with blacks and whites and techno styles.

Which do you love the most? Mine just has got to be Plastic Fantastic!
The studs are just adorable :)

Good news to my fellow Davaoenos, Call It Spring finally opened in Davao today (Mar 22, Friday) SM Lanang! 
No need to go to Manila or Cebu to have a taste of their collections! :)


  1. Those boots with gold hardware looks fantastic!

  2. These shoes are lovely! They'll go great with some of our new pieces
    Check it out! :)


  3. Great collection! <3

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