Thursday, May 23, 2013

 Lately I have been relentlessly chasing deadlines--going from one drawing to the other just to keep up with all the school work.
 I feel so restless all I coud think about is slowing down and recharging my batteries. So yesterday I took the golden chance to relax, and by relax I mean staying in watching dvds, reading a good book and pigging out. 

One of the things I missed about home is how my mom would always make sure merienda's always served every afternoon. And knowing what my favorite Filipino snack is, she makes palabok at least 3x a week. Yes that's how I love it! But since I moved to Manila, I hardly even have it. I mean there are a lot in the market but I just can't seem to find the one that reminds me so much of how my mom makes it, until one time I was doing the groceries and found this tasty looking 'instant palabok'. Inspected it closer and realized it was Lucky Me! Special, the same brand that makes the famous instant pancit canton! So yeah, I got about a dozen packs. Takaw, I know! haha

I'm very picky with palabok and I tell you this tastes nothing like 'instant' all.
 I even told my mom to try it and she said it tasted like the authentic one. 
 To make the long story short, I always had it as my merienda since then, ust like how it was at home.

So with everything I needed just around the corner, I spent the afternoon locked up in my room.  Yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and be surrounded with things that make me happy--interior design book, journal, movies and of course, my favorite food. :)

Hope everyone's doing well! Happy afternoon everyone! :)

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  1. That instant pancit palabok is one of my favorites. So easy to prepare :)


  2. It looks so yummy. Ma-try nga :)

  3. looks delicious

  4. I love love LOVE palabok too! And it looks yummy! Thank you for sharing that. Will give it a try. :)