Sunday, June 30, 2013
Shorts: Topshop
Oversized Jacket & Boots: Vintage Finds

Who said outfit posts can not be goofy as sitting on the post like a wreckless teenager hungry for adventures???
Pardon me for looking like a fool in these photos but I honestly just got tired of the usual 'standing-pout-hand-on-the-waist' poses. I thought maybe frolicking in the area would be of good entertainment for a gloomy Sunday like today. Besides, acting like a kid once in a while wouldn't hurt..would it? 

Hope you like the laid-back look! Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Knit sweater, pants & hat all from MUJI

Last week I was walking around the neighborhood looking for inspirations for my plate in Interior Design class. Theme that time was minimalist and I couldn't make up my mind with what to draw so I went to different shops in High Street hoping to get my creative juices flowing. 

I headed directly to MUJI since by reputation they have one of the best Japanese interior pieces/accessories. But little did I know that after walking in the shop, it wasn't the home decor area that got my attention first, but the clothing section in which this knitted sweater was perfectly displayed like as if it was calling my name or something. I have been looking all over for this kind. One with the perfect cut & fit that does not make me appear a kilo or two heavier. 

Enthusiastic and excited, I went around even more hoping to find something I would like, and boy was I right. Spotted this cute hat and these amazing plum jeans which I have to say made my legs look 3 inches longer! I was quite amazed with the selection of clothes they have, honestly. It's simple yet very attractive to the eye. Very much like how their interior items are.

So to show you how basic pieces can look very rich and appealing when put together, I came up with this ensemble--sweater, jeans, hat and boots. 
Nothing less, nothing more. Just something plain and simple.

Hope you like it!


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You can find them at:
Bonifacio High Street
Power Plant Mall at Rockwell
 Greenbelt 3, SM Mall of Asia 
 Robinsons Magnolia
Level 4, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing 


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pants: Terranova
Camo Jacket: Romwe
Tank: Topshop
Heels: Rockport
Sunglasses: Rayban
Watch: Casio from Watchfactory 
Belt: SM Accessories

Skies have been gray for the past days and catching the sun at its golden stage seemed to be quite an impossible quest. But in some random day last week at around 4:44, I caught the it in a desirable state. Lucky. Went around looking for the perfect spot and since my past outfit shots were taken  indoors, I thought posing where the grass were would be of a good change. 

And in line with such change, I sported something you hardly see me wear--boyfriend jeans. I've had this pair for 4 years already, back when wearing baggy jeans weren't as trendy as how it is today. 
Paired it with a camo jacket, studded belt and aviators to emphasize the masculinity of the look but at the same time, tried to soften it a bit by wearing a pair of nude heels from Rockport's Walkability collection. Believe me it is very comfortable. My feet hardly felt pain after walking in it for a few hrs. 

I wanted the look to blend as a whole so I stuck with earthy tones and made sure the colors stayed close to each other as possible. And then again, nothing too fancy. Just a casual day look which I hope you all like :)

Happy Sunday guys! 

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Adopt them?

Monday, June 10, 2013
 These shoes need new owners! So if you're interested in adopting them, please leave a comment or email me :)
NOTE: I'm a size 6 or 7 so these shoes will fit girls with size 6,6.5 or 7 :(

1. SOLD! Hot Pink Heels: Brand - Parisian | Size 6 | Suede  | 695 Php
2. Snake Skin Pumps : Brand - Primadonna | Size 7 | Su | 695 Php
3. Limited Edition 'Kryz Uy' Heels: Brand - So Fab | Size 7 | 950 Php (Orig price is 1,900+)

1. Maroon Suede Booties: Brand - Forever21 | Size 6-6.5 | NEVER USED  | 1,900 Php
2. SOLD! Suede Camel & Red Heel : Brand - So Fab | Size 6 | 695 Php
3. Black & Silver Minimalist Heels: Brand - Charles & Keith | Size 6  | 750 Php (Orig price is 2000+)

1. SOLD! Hot Blue Suede Heels: Brand - Matthews (CMG) | Size 7  | 750 Php (Orig price 1500)
2. Snake Skin & Suede Pumps : Brand - Charles & Keith Signature | Size 6 | 1,400 (Orig price 2,950)
3. SOLD! Blue Peep-Toe Pumps : Brand - Primadonna| Size 7 | 750 Php 

1. SOLD! Vintage Brown Loafers : Brand - Schü | Size 8 (but will fit 7) | leather | 750 Php (orig price 1500+)
2. Suede Green Flats : Brand - H&M | Size 7 | Suede | 750 Php (orig price 1300+)
3.SOLD! Black loafers w/gold spikes - Size 7 | 785 Php 
4. SOLD! Black w/gold glitters sandals - Brand - Janykin | Size 7 | 695 php 

If you want to buy, pls email me or leave a comment with the following:
1. Name 
2. Mobile # 
3. Item/s u want

Thank you! Happy Shopping! :)


Sunday, June 9, 2013
Exactly a week ago I together with a good friend, Tracy , went around Trinoma spotting 10 mall-goers to style using Collezione C2 clothes. To be honest, it was quite a task. Just the act of approaching people took loads of guts, which apparently Tracy & I lack. haha But thankfully the ones we found were really game! So with some charm and convincing powers, we styled these people and made them pose for the camera! 

These young ladies, Aria & Aubrey Sotto (they're cousins),  were the most game amongst everyone. When we approached them, they didn't even take time to think twice! We dragged them to the booth and styled them with polo shirts that are solid-colored but with small details at the collar and sleeves. 

(L-R : Clark , Sheena)
Did you ever notice how white polo shirts always go well with Khakis? Well I personally think it's the best combination, especially for guys! Some think it's a bit dull, but I just have to disagree. Look how balanced the ensembles above are. The white with the colored stripes went well with the neutral bottoms. It made the entire outfit look clean and very fresh. 

(L-R : Miguel , JC)
Okay these guys I have to say are the most entertaining. We ask them to pose and with no hesitations, they posed like models! Definitely not shy camera, as evidently seen in the photos. haha
Their built was smaller than normal guys, which was not a problem at all since Collezione C2 has custom fit polo shirts made especially for the 'young' who prefer skinny fit. 

These two, Aurry & EJ, got us confused! We first thought they were a couple but they said they were siblings so we believed them and then after a few minutes they took it back and said they really were together. I swear Tracy and I didn't know what to believe in! But upon styling them, they confessed that they really were a couple. Thank goodness they didn't take it back anymore. haha

The dress we made Aurry wear was one of my favorites. The white stripe made her look even more sexy and the pink lines just accentuated her shape more. We wanted something to go with Aurry's dress so we made EJ wear the famous Collezione Philippine flag polo shirt that had little red & white stripes accent.

Couple Ross & KD was the last we spotted. KD was a bit preppy and vintagey so we made her wear a violet polo shirt, tucked it and wrapped a brown vintage belt around it. For Ross, we gave him the striped gray-red shirt (Tracy & I's favorite design for the guys) since it went well with his dark blue shorts. 

To be honest, I was surprised with Collezione C2's summer collection. It was made suited for the hip and young! Styling these people was one of the fun (and a bit challenging) tasks I had. Nonetheless it was quite an experience! :)

Tracy & I having a break and photoboothing! :)

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Monday, June 3, 2013
Pants: Next Jeans
Heels: Charles & Keith
Clutch: Accessorize
Necklace & Ring: SM Accessories

  I am currently altering my style leaning it more to a  minimalist side and recently I prefer less loud colors, more neutrals and less prints, more solids. I don't know how long this mood will last but for the mean time I am deeply attracted to dark hues & golds and this look serves as a proof. 
Dark-colored ensembles need not always be boring. You can enliven it with the right choice of accessories and one can never go wrong with bronze and gold. Don't you agree?
So next time you feel like going dark, why not give this trick a try?! 

Hope you like it! :)
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Sunday, June 2, I will be at the Collezione C2 Pop-up store at the 4th Floor, Cinema level of Trinoma spotting 5 fashionable readers/shoppers/mall-goers that I will be styling using Collezione C2’s Summer Collection.

These 5 lucky readers/shoppers will each win Gift Certificates from Collezione C2! J
So save the date and come to the Pop-up booth  with your best look! You never know, you might get lucky! J
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