Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pants: Terranova
Camo Jacket: Romwe
Tank: Topshop
Heels: Rockport
Sunglasses: Rayban
Watch: Casio from Watchfactory 
Belt: SM Accessories

Skies have been gray for the past days and catching the sun at its golden stage seemed to be quite an impossible quest. But in some random day last week at around 4:44, I caught the it in a desirable state. Lucky. Went around looking for the perfect spot and since my past outfit shots were taken  indoors, I thought posing where the grass were would be of a good change. 

And in line with such change, I sported something you hardly see me wear--boyfriend jeans. I've had this pair for 4 years already, back when wearing baggy jeans weren't as trendy as how it is today. 
Paired it with a camo jacket, studded belt and aviators to emphasize the masculinity of the look but at the same time, tried to soften it a bit by wearing a pair of nude heels from Rockport's Walkability collection. Believe me it is very comfortable. My feet hardly felt pain after walking in it for a few hrs. 

I wanted the look to blend as a whole so I stuck with earthy tones and made sure the colors stayed close to each other as possible. And then again, nothing too fancy. Just a casual day look which I hope you all like :)

Happy Sunday guys! 

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  1. Love your style! You look great! :)

  2. I've been forever mulling over getting me a pair of 1) nude heels, 2) boyfriend jeans and 3) getting my hair colored soonest I can after I have this baby - this post is like speaking directly to me! haha. how much do Rockport shoes cost these days?

  3. I Love your style forever :">

  4. Super love your boyish/chic outfit. So pretty :) ♥