Sunday, June 9, 2013
Exactly a week ago I together with a good friend, Tracy , went around Trinoma spotting 10 mall-goers to style using Collezione C2 clothes. To be honest, it was quite a task. Just the act of approaching people took loads of guts, which apparently Tracy & I lack. haha But thankfully the ones we found were really game! So with some charm and convincing powers, we styled these people and made them pose for the camera! 

These young ladies, Aria & Aubrey Sotto (they're cousins),  were the most game amongst everyone. When we approached them, they didn't even take time to think twice! We dragged them to the booth and styled them with polo shirts that are solid-colored but with small details at the collar and sleeves. 

(L-R : Clark , Sheena)
Did you ever notice how white polo shirts always go well with Khakis? Well I personally think it's the best combination, especially for guys! Some think it's a bit dull, but I just have to disagree. Look how balanced the ensembles above are. The white with the colored stripes went well with the neutral bottoms. It made the entire outfit look clean and very fresh. 

(L-R : Miguel , JC)
Okay these guys I have to say are the most entertaining. We ask them to pose and with no hesitations, they posed like models! Definitely not shy camera, as evidently seen in the photos. haha
Their built was smaller than normal guys, which was not a problem at all since Collezione C2 has custom fit polo shirts made especially for the 'young' who prefer skinny fit. 

These two, Aurry & EJ, got us confused! We first thought they were a couple but they said they were siblings so we believed them and then after a few minutes they took it back and said they really were together. I swear Tracy and I didn't know what to believe in! But upon styling them, they confessed that they really were a couple. Thank goodness they didn't take it back anymore. haha

The dress we made Aurry wear was one of my favorites. The white stripe made her look even more sexy and the pink lines just accentuated her shape more. We wanted something to go with Aurry's dress so we made EJ wear the famous Collezione Philippine flag polo shirt that had little red & white stripes accent.

Couple Ross & KD was the last we spotted. KD was a bit preppy and vintagey so we made her wear a violet polo shirt, tucked it and wrapped a brown vintage belt around it. For Ross, we gave him the striped gray-red shirt (Tracy & I's favorite design for the guys) since it went well with his dark blue shorts. 

To be honest, I was surprised with Collezione C2's summer collection. It was made suited for the hip and young! Styling these people was one of the fun (and a bit challenging) tasks I had. Nonetheless it was quite an experience! :)

Tracy & I having a break and photoboothing! :)

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  1. great job :)

  2. i wish i was one of them!
    nice styling, i might try the polo shirt tucked in to maxi skirts!

  3. I think collared shirts really work well with khaki and denims. Great job especially on the Sotto cousins. :)