Friday, August 16, 2013
Charm Bracelet from Pandora

A decade (or more) ago, back when life was nothing but an unknown journey, I once or twice or even more daydreamed of the things I wanted to achieve in life.  Dreams back then were merely just dreams. Just some little girl's aspirations waiting to be turned to reality. 
We all had that phase, I believe. A time in our lives when our hearts were filled with ideals and desires. Young and innocent, we held to these ambitions and let it take us to where we are now.

Some of you may already be on the right road, maybe some are still finding their way, but I tell you not to stop because if there's one thing I have learned, dreams usually guide us to the right path. Even those successful businessmen, famous musicians, celebrities etc., they all started with a dream which then led them to where they are now. Like Kate Middleton for example. Who would have expected a commoner could become royal? I once read she just used to lie in bed dreaming about her "dream" husband back when she was younger and look at her now? A Dutchess to Cambridge and a wife to Prince William. She clearly got more than what she asked for. With no doubt, her rise to royalty inspires a lot of people and that includes me.

I worked hard to be where I am at now and this Pandora bracelet symbolizes my journey from being this hopeful girl from a far away city to somebody who has already achieved almost half of her goals in life. 
Each of the charms have their own meaning:
-Gemini for my father and heart for my mother
-Peace & Love sign for my hippie/boho side
-Cyan Murano for the turquoise waters in my hometown Davao
-Pandora pendant with my name engraved at the back
-Luggage for my thirst to travel the world
Altogether, they remind me of my life's story and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing it's with me anywhere I go.

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  1. It looks nice! :)


  2. very interesting bracelet cheys! It suits you so much!


  3. Very symbolic bracelet. :)
    And very inspiring thought. :)

  4. Super nice :)

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  5. very cute bracelet!

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