Sunday, October 27, 2013
Boho bags are one of my obsessions and as sad as it may seem, it's quite hard to find in the Philippines. So whenever I travel, I take the opportunity to find these bags and luckily I was able to find and bring home some to sell. 

These are all hand-made and I only have one stock on hand per design. 
So if you want one, make sure to comment FAST before somebody gets first. 

NOTE: I reckon the stocks won't be enough and maybe 2 or 3 people will have interest on the same bag. So if the unfortunate circumstance that somebody was able to get it before you, please send me an email or leave a comment with the bag you want to get so I can order the same (or similar since not all designs are identical) and have it sent to you in a week! 

Happy Shopping! :)
(SOLD) Bag #1: 1495 php 
It's good as a travelling, school or stylist bag since a lot can fit inside! 

(SOLD) Bag #2: 1495 
It's good as a travelling, school or stylist bag since a lot can fit inside! 

(SOLD) Bag #3: 1495 php
Medium-sized but it widens a lot. A laptop can even fit inside.

(SOLD) Bag #4 (available in 2 colors black & white): 995 php

(SOLD) Bag #3 (available in 3 colors): 795 php
It's good for a daytime sling bag. Camera, ipad, book, make-up kit can all fit inside. 

For those who want to order,  you can either do the ff:

1. Email me
2. leave a comment (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) following this format:
a. Name
b. Order (item number)
c. Mobile Number 

First comment first serve basis.
If somebody already got the item you want, please leave a comment with the bag you want to pre-order. 
But please don't comment if you aren't sure. Thank you! :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013
 Boho Bag & Denim Polo: ROMWE
Boots: Charles & Keith
Tie-dye dress: Thrifted
Necklace & Belt: SM Accessories
Charm Bracelet: Pandora

Some of you have been saying you missed my bohemian ensembles and to be honest I miss them just as much as you do! Lately I have mostly been posting grunge looks and it has been a while since I was in something boho. It's one of those phases where I preferred rugged jeans and studded purses over lose dresses and paisley-printed bags. 
I find dressing up greatly influenced by mood (well my case in particular if not everyone's) and I just have these times when I stick to one style--may it be under boho, gypsy, casual or grunge. Sometimes I mix a little bit of each. And today apparently happens to fall on bohemian, the very style that's always been first on my list. Found this tie-dye dress in a random thrift shop in Davao and believe it or not it's only for 80 bucks. Now talk about a great recessionista find, eh? Perfect timing 'cos the package from Romwe finally arrived and the batik bag and button down went well (actually it went PERFECTLY) with the entire look!
 Don't you think so? :)

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Sunday, October 20, 2013
Denim button down: GbyGUESS
Booties: Terranova
Tie-dye leggings: Samuel & Kevin
Chain bag & Necklace: SM Accessories

Grunge is probably my favorite style next to bohemian. It makes dressing up more fun in a way that you need not worry about conformity cos 'fashion rules' here seem nothing but obsolete and totally ridiculous. Like you couldn't care less that you just threw whatever on and left the house in a shirt, flanel top, shredded jeans or tights. In simpler terms, a "who gives a damn what I am wearing" kinda look. Haha Charge me guilty for having a weakness for anything comfortable and probably for excessively posting casual looks also but I just couldn't help it you now. It's like an incurable disease and I' am badly infected.
 I hope you like the entire look as much as I do! 
Happy Sunday guys :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013
Top: Topshop
Hoodie: Team Manila
Sling bag: SM Accessories
Sneakers: H&M

Strolling around the neighborhood in this über comfy outfit. Weather's pretty messed up for the past days, so I am keeping it safe today by wearing tights, hoodie and sneakers...  Predicting when the rain starts pouring seems too impossible nowadays, you know.
Anyway I hope everyone is having a great night. Happy Sunday guys! :)

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Friday, October 11, 2013

 Jeans: G by GUESS
Boots: Call It Spring
Watch: Casio from Watchfactory 
Necklaces: Wear Mauve
Bracelets: H&M

Last Wednesday was no normal day for me. I had 2 events, a meeting to go to and pullouts to do. I already knew it was gon' be a long day that required extensive amount of walking so I had to be in something very comfortable yet still stylish. An outfit that's low-maintenance in the sense that you need not worry much about some parts of your body accidentally shown, feet getting exhausted after an hour or two of walking and most of all, sweating excessively 'cause of the oh-so-hot Philippine weather. I thought pants with boots & fringe top was the answer. At first I wanted to be in all black but  this pair of Mauve jeans from GbyGUESS' newest collection was just too good not to wear :)
I hope you like it!

Oh btw, I changed my hair colour. I'm now back to ombre.. cause I kinda missed it so much! :)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013
"Cheyser's essentials"

I may not be the right person to ask about make-up but for the sake of posting something different 
than fashion, I thought it would be fun to unveil to you what's inside my beauty pouch. But please bear 
in mind that this isn't a make-up junkie's kit. So expect just a daily basic set which when compared to others' 
may lack some essentials such as liquid foundation, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick etc. 

So... What's inside ?
(left to right)
1. Face & It Dual Pact Powder in Blending Brown - THE FACE SHOP
2. MAC Brow Liner in Brunette RED BEAN CAFFE (instagram: @RedBeanCaffe)
 Browset in Girl Boy - RED BEAN CAFFE (instagram: @RedBeanCaffe)

 4. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Perfume Collection in # 2 
5. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Serum

 6. Maybelline Rocket Mascara
Numbers 7-12 : Miniature BENEFIT cosmetics from their Sexy Little Stowaways kit.
(Got these from VINTAGE THANG | instagram: @vintagethang)

7. Cha Cha Tint (for lips & cheeks) 
8. HOOLA Bronzing powder  
9. Bella Bamba Blush 

10. Ooh La Lift (to minimize eye bags)
11. That Gal (primer)
12. The POREfessional (face balm that helps minimize pore appearance)

But just in case you're wondering what I use at night, well let me share to you my 5 favorite night products again from VINTAGE THANG. 
(instagram: @vintagethang)

1. NAKED 1 Eyeshadow palette
#2-5 are all part of BENEFIT's Sexy Little Stowaways Kit.
2. BADgal Lash mascara
3. Sun Beam bronze highlighter
4. Stay don't Stray (primer for eyeshadows)
5. It's Potent Eye Cream

Here's how the NAKED paletter and Sexy Little Stowaways kit look like. Pretty cool, eh? :)

Anyway, there you go! My fist ever beauty-related post.
Hope you like it! :)


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Monday, October 7, 2013
Tee: Team Manila
Camo Jacket: Next Jeans
Black Distressed Jeans: G by GUESS
Clutch: SM Accessories
Heels: Charles & Keith

Just a quick outfit post showing you guys a simple tee-jeans ensemble that I capped off with a Camo jacket from Next Jeans. I wanted the look to have this "street style" vibe like those I usually get from seeing Western bloggers' OOTDs so instead of wearing sneakers (really wanted to pair it with my leopard kicks you know lol) and a sling bag, I wore the first ever pair of heels I got from Charles & Keith and this leatherette black baroque-printed clutch from SM Accessories. 
Just a quick outfit post. Hope you like it! :)

Btw, I'm giving away an INSTAX MINI 8! Just 3 more days to join. 
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Thursday, October 3, 2013
This Yamamay slim bra is a savior!
Crazy about the Night Vision watch! 
Plaid Boyfriend Top: Team Manila
Jeggings: G by GUESS
Bra: Yamamay
Watch: Technomarine (Nigh Vision II)
Clutch Bag & Necklace: SM Accessories
Shoes: Charles & Keith

How many of you guys are obsessed with lose tops that have wide side openings? I definitely am! Guilty as charged, I excessively buy these kinds of tops! But as much as I want to wear them daytime (not only at the beach or during night-outs with friends), I oftentimes think twice. Its just that I don't feel comfortable with the thick back strap of my bra sticking out so much you know. 
I remember seeing bloggers like Andy Torres & Aimee Song with this thin-strapped lace bra before which they always wore with tops like mine. I always wondered where they got theirs, so I looked all over for it and it actually took some time before I found one. But I tell you, I was elated when I finally laid hands on one! What's good is that Yamamay  has it in white and nude also which is perfect for those light-colored lose sleeveless tops! 

Anyway, here's another grunge (but with a touch of sexy) ensemble I came up with. The entire outfit looks masculine with the Technomarine Men's watch and boyfriend button-down, but I toned it down by wearing heels and perfect-fitting jeggings to add a little femininity without going overboard with sweetness :)
I hope you like it!

By the way, I changed my hair color. I am back to being Ombre again! I just missed it too much. lol

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