Sunday, October 27, 2013
Boho bags are one of my obsessions and as sad as it may seem, it's quite hard to find in the Philippines. So whenever I travel, I take the opportunity to find these bags and luckily I was able to find and bring home some to sell. 

These are all hand-made and I only have one stock on hand per design. 
So if you want one, make sure to comment FAST before somebody gets first. 

NOTE: I reckon the stocks won't be enough and maybe 2 or 3 people will have interest on the same bag. So if the unfortunate circumstance that somebody was able to get it before you, please send me an email or leave a comment with the bag you want to get so I can order the same (or similar since not all designs are identical) and have it sent to you in a week! 

Happy Shopping! :)
(SOLD) Bag #1: 1495 php 
It's good as a travelling, school or stylist bag since a lot can fit inside! 

(SOLD) Bag #2: 1495 
It's good as a travelling, school or stylist bag since a lot can fit inside! 

(SOLD) Bag #3: 1495 php
Medium-sized but it widens a lot. A laptop can even fit inside.

(SOLD) Bag #4 (available in 2 colors black & white): 995 php

(SOLD) Bag #3 (available in 3 colors): 795 php
It's good for a daytime sling bag. Camera, ipad, book, make-up kit can all fit inside. 

For those who want to order,  you can either do the ff:

1. Email me
2. leave a comment (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) following this format:
a. Name
b. Order (item number)
c. Mobile Number 

First comment first serve basis.
If somebody already got the item you want, please leave a comment with the bag you want to pre-order. 
But please don't comment if you aren't sure. Thank you! :)


  1. a. Maria Theresa So
    B. Bag#5
    C. 09277974264

    1. Got your email! :) Will save them for you! I facebooked you btw :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. a. Allison Julian
    b. Bag # 1
    c. 09053737806

    1. Reserved bag # 1 for you! :) I texted you did you receive it?

  4. Hi! Ms. Cheyz is the bag #5 still available? :)

  5. Bag #5 is so cute! The design stands out the most among the bunch for me :)

  6. Hi Miss Cheyser! Are bags no. 2 and 4 still available? I would really love to buy them. :)

  7. hi i love this print of bag ,can you tell me about bag 5 price?i would like to buy it for my younger sister to her present i hope she will like it.

  8. Maria Lorwina Tongco
    Bag no. 1

    Hi ms. Cheyz, would also like to know if this bag is also available? thank you!

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