Monday, November 11, 2013

Felt like I abused my body for the past weeks by eating so much junk, hardly working out and not getting enough sleep so I thought of getting back on track by living a balanced life again.
Thanks to this 3-day detox set  (made from organic fruits & vegg) from Fitness Potions, I can jumpstart my diet by doing a juice cleanse. For 3 days I am only limited to drinking liquids (6 juices, 2 liters of water & tea) and no solids at all. I've done something similar to this before (14-day lemon detox) but only lasted for 5 days cos it was too intense!! So for those who want something easy and not too torturous, I recommend you do juice cleanse. You can choose from 3, 5 or 7-day detox! :)

You can find Fitness Potions on Instagram & twitter  (@fitnesspotions) or text them 09998894482.
And for my fellow Davaoenos, they also deliver in Davao! Just look them up on Instagram @fitnesspotionsdavao.

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  1. Where to buy? Are these available in Davao??

  2. Where can we order those? :) I want to try!

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