Tuesday, November 5, 2013
May it be in America, Canada or Asia, Slurpee is one famous drink everybody just can't get enough of! This mind-cooling beverage (which was "accidentally" made by a genius who was forced to store sodas in the freezer to keep it cool after his soda fountain broke down) is now a worldwide frozen drink concoction. Kids love them, teens too and even young adults who always get a taste of their childhood with every sip of Slurpee! 
I won't deny. I still am crazy about this brain-freezing treat. Everytime I step inside 7-Eleven, I still get that excitement of having to make my own creation from mixing different flavors. I don't know why but the freedom of do-it-yourself makes it a lot more thrilling. Like you can go all the way by filling your cup til you start seeing spills! haha 

May it be the brain freeze, the psychedelic colors, the refreshing flavors, Slurpee surely is a every sugar-junkie's favorite. But there's another reason to love Slurpee even more! 

Yes you got that right! 7-Eleven is holding a Bring Your Own Cup Day in the Philippines for the first time which gives us the chance by filling anything (and I mean ANYTHING as long as swak siya sa maCUPangyarihang bilog) with all the Slurpee you want! You can use a fish bowl, water jug, wellington boots, vase etc. Be creative. Sky is the limit to your imagination!

For more information about the campaign, please like 7-Eleven on Facebook  and follow their instagram (@711ph). Make sure to use the hashtag 3BYOCupDay!

Here's the official video campaign:


  1. Great post :) I told my mom about this (she's a SLURPEE addict) and she took a huge cup to 7/11 the other day haha.

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