Tuesday, December 10, 2013
We often aspire to do things with no holds barred. Skywalking in the tallest building with the randomest people, going on a gigantic pizza date with your crush or spontaneously planning a beach trip with friends are just a few examples. Of course, epic moments like these need to be captured perfectly. As typical Filipinos we always have our cameras with us, may it be an SLR or phone camera photos are very necessary!

Picture this out--you and your friends are island hopping around El Nido. There's the great view of the beaches and to make things even more beautiful, your crush is on the same boat! Breathtaking, isn't it? 
But of course you pretend you aren't conscious with how you look, despite the lack of make-up and excessive perspiration due to the 12 o'clock sun.  Everything is almost perfect until you remembered... "Oh my pimple!" 
Everybody's taking photos. Your crush is taking selfies with your other friends, but what do you do? Always hiding behind someone hoping that your pimple or oily skin might be too shiny for the picture. 

Sad but true. Skin problems really hinder us from doing certain things. Don't you sometimes wish you can just be less worrisome about it and do things without being too conscious? I always do!  As somebody who's always under the sun and in the water, my skin tends to get very oily and pores & blemish marks seem more visible. The beach is like my second home but sometimes I get conscious with taking close-up photos. All because I don't want to look like a red shrimp deep fried in a sea of oil. 

Island hopping with cousins
Parasailing in Davao

I tried so many products already and Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub and Pimple Roll-On are one of my favorites. Whenever I have break outs, I use the roll-on to dry out the pimples fast. I call it my "instant pimple fix"!  Always in my vanity wherever I go. 
Beach essectials
Ziplining with my sister and cousin

Now, I need not worry much about blemishes. I'm proud to say I'm ready for epic moments 24/7!! No more hiding. No more excuses.
As they say, You Only Live Once, so why do things with restrictions? BE EPIC.


I personally invite you to join Garnier's #FaceTheEpic contest!
It's pretty easy actually; all you need to do is take an epic photo/video. So many prices are waiting for you!

How to join?
(Contestants must be at least 18 yo)

1.    Submit and EPIC photo or 15-sec video
stating how Garnier Pure Active helps them puts their best face forward in their epic adventures as caption for the photo or explanation in their video.

2.    Upload entries on:

Users must post their photos and videos on Garnier Philippines Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/takecaregarnier) and hashtag #FacetheEpic

Users must post their photo/video and hastag #FacetheEpic
**For private accounts, contestants must go to the Facebook app on the Garnier Facebook Page and click “Private Instagram Account? Sign in here.”

Winners will be announced on the Garnier Philippines official fan page on December 16, 2013. For more 

information, visit the Garnier Facebook page at www.facebook.com/takecaregarnier.


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