Secure Online Shopping: MSOS

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It is a question that always crosses every Filipinos mind since the internet has made its way to our lives: How safe are online credit card transactions?  Security is the topmost reason why we often hesitate with using our cards for purchases done over the internet--no doubt about that. But despite its popularity all over the world, we still get that drop of fright whenever we fill in those empty boxes with precious sets of numbers and click submit right after it's all done.  
The internet has so much "good" finds; from superb shopping discounts to great vacation promos to even unbelievable low plane ticket fares. We can't deny, exploring and discovering these deals are way too exciting. Sometimes even addicting! Especially for those that are offered for a limited time only. But sadly some people cannot avail of these. Not because that they cannot, they just do not want to. Why? Well for the very reason of credit card security.

Wouldn't shopping online be more fun if the though of risk could be eliminated? Imagine how great it would be if we availed of these internet deals through our credit cards without stressing too much. Booking a spontaneous beach getaway to create more wonderful memories with your special someone without worrying too much throughout the entire vacation about the online transaction you just made  would be the perfect example! 
What if I tell you there was a bank that offers a solution to that? Yes there is. 
Maybank provides a Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) system that makes all these possible. 
They provide cardholders a one-time-pasword (only valid for 5 minutes) everytime they perform transactions on a 3D secure site. 

First step: 
When Maybank Credit Cardholder will check out his/her items in a 3D secure site for payment, he/she needs to fill out the necessary details
 Maybank Credit Cardholder will be directed to an authentication page and will receive a One-Time-Password in his/her registered mobile phone number within 30-45 seconds.
 Maybank Credit Cardholder must enter the One-Time-Password he/she received in the authentic page to complete the transaction
MSOS is free-service. The Maybank Credit Cardholders just need to be sure that his mobile number is registered. How easy is that? Now online shopping need not be frightening. With MSOS, we are protected. Missing out on great internet deals won't be an option anymore.


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