Sunday, August 17, 2014

beautiful monolithic Corinthian columns outside the Pantheon

A side view of the fountain & Egyptian obelisk in Piazza Navona. The Pantheon is in just front of it. 
random stroll which lead us to a beautiful church
Tiramisu, chocolate, strawberry & lemon gelato for jut 4 Euros.  Caloric but YUM! 
Jumpsuit: STASH | Bag: Atmosphere | Shoes: Converse | Sunnies: Ray-Ban

At long last! After months spent looking for the right layout and perfecting the biggest and littlest details, my blog finally has a new look and a new URL cheyserpedregosa.com from thewalkingrecessionsta.com.  So for those who were wondering why they couldn't access my blog the last months, this was the reson. Hope you can spread the word to your friends about the new blog address! :) 
 3 years it has been since I did major changes and I thought it was about time for some revamping! I couldn't be any happier with the final look and I hope you love it too as much as I do! Big thanks to Bryan for making it happen. If you want to have yours done, just Facebook him!

If you've been following my Instagram you'd know I was in Europe for the whole month of June visiting Berlin and Rome. It was such a great experience. Best vacation so far! I will be doing separate posts for outfits and travel, and first let me share to you what I wore on my second day in Rome--a jumpsuit from the latest collection of my [little] clothing line, STASH. (I will be releasing them on Instagram hopefully by this week. I'll keep you posted!) 
On this day, we toured the Roman Forum, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. All by foot! Great thing I packed my chucks with me. It withstood long walks and I mean from 10am to 12 midnight kind of walks. lol Sandals from my experience were a big no-no. Imagine my 3-year old gladiators broke just on the first day of touring. I walked ridiculously funny. haha  

I hope you are having a great Sunday! I missed you all :)

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  1. welcome back Cheyser! :) loving the new look of your blog and the pictures as well! :) xx


  2. Hello. What camera and lens do you use? Thanks!

  3. Just gorgeous! What more can I say!

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  4. LOVE the new layout!! gah! I miss Rome! :)


  5. I absolutely love your banner and dream catcher! Ah, deathly hallows! I love the change!


  6. I superlove your outfit and the new layout. My fave blog 5ever! <3


  7. love everything about your blog! <3


  8. You look so chic. Other girls could appear awkward with those clothes on, but you just look comfortably gorgeous. ♥

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  12. Hi! what camera did you use and lens? Thnkssss :)

  13. Hi! what camera did you use and lens? Thnkssss :)

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