Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Onesie: Eigth Mermaid

Bikini: black bough  || Gold bangle: thegypsysoul 
Top: love_deux 

Photos by: Ashley Yee

Currently spending my morning in Berlin sipping a cup of coffee and devouring some German pastries while thinking about the sea and sun back home. Winter is something new to me and the cold is something I am struggling to get adjusted to. Just can't help but miss the tropics so badly especially after seeing these photos just hanging in my laptop. And then I thought it would be nice to share it to you all before I start my Berlin posts. Yes, I am slowly getting back to blogging. School's officially done and so I don't have anything to eat my time anymore :)

finally graduated last month and before flying to Germany I spent my last days at the beach with family and friends anticipating that for the next 3 weeks all I will be having is the cold breeze and gloomy skies. 
I was in Bacolod on the first week of December to visit Patrick for our Anniversary and my friends, Tia and Ashley, said they would take me to the beach. These photos were taken at Carbin Reef and Sumac Island in Sagay, Negros Occidental - a 2-hour drive from Bacolod. It wasn't supposed to be a photoshoot but it turned out to be one. The photos are beautiful (thanks Ashley) and I do hope you like them too!
Till then guys! Can't wait to show you Berlin :)