Saturday, September 24, 2016
Normally you spot me on Saturdays sitting somewhere enjoying brunch and conversations with Patrick or my friends. Well last Saturday was different - opted to stay in instead.  

A week ago was my Visa interview. I wanted to wait until I got the final result before sharing it to you guys but it seems impossible to do so since I am very excited about this trip! I won't go further into details about it yet but one thing I can say, I will for the first time be experiencing autumn outside Asia.

 Yaay! I hope Visa gets approved!

Since I am the type who gets overly excited about things, I started browsing online for autumn pieces: coats, leather jackets, turtle necks, boots etc. I read numerous blogs as well to score some tips on autumn-dressing and guys, 6-7 hours seemed not enough! Basically I was on my gadgets the entire day. Even Summer, my dog, kept bugging me for a walk every 30 minutes. lol

Most of us find it difficult to buy from online shops especially international since most of them only offer credit cards upon check out. I remember before when I was still in college it was almost impossible to purchase from these shops since I didn't own a card yet. But technology really does wonders nowadays that it allows people who don't have credit cards to shop online just through their phones, which by the way I am fond of doing the last months especially after I started having a regular 9-6 job. Talk about having less (or no time at all) to go malling :(

If you're wondering how.. I browsed, shopped and paid online all through PayMaya

is a secure app that lets you pay and shop online without a credit card. All you have to do is download the app for free on Google Play Store or the Apps Store etc., sign up, load up in Ministop, Seven Eleven, SM, Robinsons etc. and voila! You get a virtual card that lets you not only shop but also send money and pay bills such as Meralco, Globe, PLDT to name a few. Yep, all these just in a tap away! 

For those who live alone (like me) with no one to ask help from with errands, PayMaya really is a big help. No need to go to the mall anymore to pay bills, everything can be done through the app. And if you ran out of funds, just head to the nearest loading center and you can shop or pay all you want, anytime anywhere. Talk about real convenience!

But for those who prefer having an actual card, PayMaya offers this too. It can be used as a debit card which allows you to shop and even withdraw funds from it. Just look for a VISA logo in the machine and you're good to go! 
(refer to THIS link to get your PayMaya card)

Personally I don't have patience with tedious processes but from experience, Pay Maya was easy and uncomplicated. Why don't you try it yourself and let me know how you like it? :)

Happy Saturday guys!

Cheys ♥

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For more info about Pay Maya, you can refer to THIS blog post by PinoyAdventurista. 
Or visit Pay Maya's accounts:


  1. Im a looong time follower ever since you started.I cant wait to see your fall looks.Good Luck on your new adventure

  2. Im a looong time follower ever since you started.I cant wait to see your fall looks.Good Luck on your new adventure

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