Sunday, September 18, 2016
Hat: ZAFUL (my current fave online shop)

 Laptop / Tablet: HP X360

Hat: Zaful (my current fave online shop) | Bracelet: Charriol | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Top & Slip ons: Forever 21 | Boyfriend Jeans: H&M | Laptop / Tablet: HP X360

Despite being Sunday, I rolled out of bed earlier than usual to do research on new places in BGC where Patrick and I can have our Sunday brunch. It has become our tradition to have brunch on weekends-just sit down, enjoy the sunny weather whilst sipping good coffee and savoring great food. Although there are so many good brunch spots in BGC, most of them we have tried already. After 4 years of living in this area and eating out almost everyday, restaurant options can get narrower and narrower by the minute. *sobs*

I posted on my Instagram and asked help with where we could eat today. Somebody suggested Sunnies Cafe and so Patrick and I, without thinking twice, walked straight to the resto. I was also thinking it was just about time for to give it a try. It's been open for quite some time already but never got the chance to go in--blame the line. But hey, it only means it's good! AND IT WAS!
I got the granola yogurt bowl and an Americano while Patrick's were ricotta pancakes & blackberry iced tea. The menu seemed really good and we were convinced to come back and try their savory dishes. Can't wait to get my hands on the tacos!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great breakfast and/or lunch! It's Sunday and we are excused to pig out. lol 
I have good news to share to you guys but will share it when the time is right. For the mean time, another blog post will be published in the next days. Yaay! And off the record, I missed blogging :) But don't worry, I am really working my way back and this time it's going to be constant.

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