Friday, November 11, 2016

Just got back from an unforgettable (and last-minute) trip to Cinque Terre, Italy. That place was everything i had ever dreamt of- small fishing villages by the beach, rustic multi-colored buildings and Italian food! Did I mention good weather too? Any place with 15°C and higher is already good for me especially coming from Berlin which is really getting colder and colder by the day. 

That Italian getaway was totally unplanned. We only booked the tickets a week before our flight! I never expected we would be visiting Italy, even more so the BEACH, in our our 3-month stay in Europe so all I brought with me from the Philippines were autumn and winter clothes! Panicked and desperate, I had to look online for outfits suited for a beach getaway since most shops here in Berlin already pulled-out their Spring-Summer collection.

A lot of you are asking where I got this off-shoulder dress from. Well it's from ZAFUL, along with the leather jacket I wore on the Cinque Terre trip, as seen (a lot) on my Instagram photos.  *face palm*
Honestly if I didn't shop online, I don't think I would be able to find all those beautiful dresses I wore to such beautiful trip. 

I understand most of you are hesitant with shopping online especially from international sites but I encourage you to try, even just one item and see if your experience was pleasant.

The very thing I love the most about it is the convenience- you can do it anywhere at any time of the day. It is too very helpful especially at times when you need last-minute clothes. Exactly like what happened to me basically. Another reason  is the wide variety of items. You have access in almost anything you want and have the luxury of easily comparing prices, unlike in a mall where you have to hop from one shop to the other. Also, sometimes even online shops offer better deals such as flash sales and discount coupons which save you a couple of bucks.

Everytime the need (or shall I say urge) to shop is there, I just use my PayMaya card not only online but also in physical stores here. And when I want to load up, I just ask somebody back home to go to BDO or 7 Eleven and voila! I can resume shopping! Very convenient.

(go HERE to know more about PayMaya)

Just in case you change your mind, below also is a list of some of my go-to shops both fashion and make-up, just in case you might want to check them out.

ZAFUL (International)
COPPER (Philippines)
PURPLE BEETLE (Philippines)
BEAUTY MNL (Philippines)
SEPHORA PH (Philippines)
BOOHOO  (International)
NASTY GAL (International)

 That's it for now! Can't wait to share to you the rest of out Italy photos on the next posts  :)



  1. Hi when ordering from zaful, where do they deliver? You just pick it up from the post office? It thats the case, do you need to pay for tx and custom duties? Hehe sorry ive lotsa questions hope you can answer! Thanks!

    1. I used DHL so ot was sent to my address but I think if you choose the standard delivery, it will be sent to the post and you will have to pick it up. As for the taxes, before i used to pay 100-250 only but that was with other international sites 😊 Hope it helped!

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