Friday, December 9, 2016
The holidays are fast approaching and the Christmas season is finally upon us! The colorful decorations, non-stop jingles and endless supply of sweet treats are just some of the few things to look forward to. Only 17 days left and the most awaited day of the year comes sooner than we expected!

Though Christmas back home in the Philippines  is just as merry, the cold weather in Europe does make a difference. Last year was my first real winter Christmas and I am happy to spend it again in Berlin this year. Hopefully this time I'll witness a white Christmas!
There are a bunch of reasons why I love the yuletide season and I have made a list of the 6 things I look forward to the most this Christmas!

1. REAL Christmas Tree Shopping
Nothing more exciting than heading down to the pine tree farm to pick up your own Christmas tree and decorate it as soon as you get home.

Back in the Philippines we've been useing the same plastic tree our mom bought 8 years or so ago. It was only after 25 years that I got to buy and decorate a real tree and I can’t wait to do it again this month!

2. Eat a lot. Put on weight. Be excused.

C’mon let’s face it. Everybody puts on a kilo or two extra every Christmas. They say it’s the season to be jolly and since food gives us happiness, we are very much excused to overeat and stuff ourselves all throughout the holidays. Right?!
That’s why New Year’s resolutions are there and hypothetically “losing weight” is in everyone’s list :))
3. Christmas Markets
Wow. This has got to be my most favorite part about spending Christmas in Berlin. The winter markets are so huge and wonderful! The lights, trees, music and did I mention amazing food? From grilled sausages, to waffles, to hot wine (my favorite) and lotsa chocolates! Now I’m craving.
4. Giving and Receiving Gifts

They said to give is to receive but who are we kidding? Most of us are more excited with unwrapping presents than giving them! Lol #justsaying
Kidding aside, shopping for gifts has always been fun especially when you score good deals at the shop! And we all know Christmas is a season of SALE so it’s one great way to be generous to your loved ones without breaking the bank.

When you shop, use your PayMaya app or card to earn a chance to win P10,000 weekly or P1,000,000 PayMaya credits. Visit THIS LINK for more details.

5. Christmas Parties (endless of them)

Christmas party with old high school friends. Christmas party with colleagues. Christmas party with the BFF’s. Christmas party with the family... And the list goes on an on! But who’s complaining? Not me!

6. Connect

Finally the year is coming to an end and all we yearn for this season is to connect with our loved ones. It’s unexplainable how the Christmas spirit makes us extra loving and it is just magical. The holiday season brings joy to our hearts in different ways!
It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

How about you guys? What do you look forward to the most this Yuletide season?



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